Pakistan’s Terror Tactics Aim for Unrest in J&K and Punjab; Sikhs Demand Strict Action

by Manjari Singh

In a strong and impassioned response to the recent terror attack in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir, Sikh leder of National Akali Dal National President Paramjeet Singh Pamma, has demanded immediate and stringent action from the government. The attack, which took place on Monday afternoon, targeted an army convoy resulting in the tragic loss of five soldiers and injuries to five others.

The incident involved a coordinated assault on two trucks carrying approximately 12 troops, separated by about 500 meters. Terrorists unleashed grenades and employed sophisticated weaponry including armour-piercing bullets and an M4 assault rifle, marking a concerning escalation in tactics.

Senior officials from the police and army, including Director-General of Police RR Swain, convened urgently in Kathua to assess the situation and plan a robust response to prevent further violence and safeguard civilian and military lives.

Paramjeet Singh Pamma condemned the attack, attributing it to Pakistan’s persistent efforts to sow instability in Kashmir and Punjab through terrorism. He emphasized the urgent need for the government to take decisive action, hinting at measures akin to previous air strikes as a potential response.

The call for strict action reflects growing concern among Sikh leaders and the broader community over recurring acts of violence aimed at destabilizing the region. The demand resonates with the sentiment for peace and security, urging authorities to not only respond effectively to immediate threats but also to address the root causes of terrorism.

As tensions simmer in the aftermath of the Kathua attack, Sikhs across India await the government’s response, hopeful for measures that ensure lasting peace and security in the troubled region. The incident underscores the ongoing challenges posed by cross-border terrorism and the imperative for a united front in combating such threats.

Manjari Singh

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