Pakistan Slammed Over ‘Industry-Level Terrorism’: India’s Firm Stance Unveiled

by Antariksh Singh

In a candid address at the Institute of South Asian Studies in Singapore, India’s External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar, unveiled a resolute stance towards the persistent challenge posed by its western neighbor, Pakistan. Characterizing the situation as a complex dilemma, Jaishankar minced no words in highlighting Pakistan’s deployment of terrorism as a strategic tool, openly admitting its usage as an instrument of statecraft.

“Every country wants a stable neighborhood…we have been unfortunate, or ill-starred to be blessed with the one we have to our west. How do you deal with a neighbor, who does not hide the fact that they use terrorism as an instrument of statecraft?” remarked Jaishankar, encapsulating the prevailing sentiment in India towards its tumultuous relationship with Pakistan.

Drawing attention to the gravity of the issue, Jaishankar depicted terrorism in Pakistan as operating at an “industry level” akin to an assembly line, indicating a systematic and sustained effort. Such stark depictions underscored the urgency with which India views the matter, signaling a departure from past approaches of evasion.

Acknowledging the absence of a swift solution, Jaishankar affirmed India’s commitment to confronting the problem head-on. “I don’t have a quick, instantaneous fix, but what I can tell you is that India will not skirt this problem anymore,” he declared, underscoring the imperative of honesty and engagement in resolving the crisis.

The minister’s remarks shed light on a shifting paradigm within India, where public discontent over the perceived inadequacies in addressing terrorism has fueled a demand for decisive action. “If you look at the changes that have happened in the last decade, the great deal of public anger to lack of response to terrorism threat is one factor,” Jaishankar noted, reflecting on the evolving sentiments within the nation.

Jaishankar’s address comes amidst his official visit to Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia, aimed at bolstering bilateral ties and fostering dialogue on regional concerns. The trip serves as a testament to India’s proactive diplomacy in navigating the intricate geopolitical landscape of Southeast Asia.

With terrorism continuing to cast a long shadow over the region, India’s unwavering resolve to tackle the menace head-on signals a pivotal shift in its approach towards confronting this enduring challenge. As the nation reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding its interests and fostering regional stability, Jaishankar’s remarks resonate as a clarion call for concerted action in combating terrorism at its roots.

Antariksh Singh

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