Jaswinder Singh Maloya Criticizes Sikh Federation UK; Calls for their Boycott

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In a blistering audio clip that recently surfaced, Jaswinder Singh Maloya, son of Beant Singh, one of the assassins of Indira Gandhi, unleashes a torrent of scathing criticism against the Sikh Federation UK (SFUK). Based in Australia, Maloya embarked on a journey to the UK at SFUK’s behest for a radio show, only to be met with what he decries as sheer neglect and blatant disrespect from the very organization that had extended the invitation. Maloya’s indignation doesn’t end there; he goes on to accuse SFUK of siphoning off funds and draining resources, all the while failing to contribute meaningfully to the Sikh community’s welfare, despite his fervent and repeated appeals. This damning indictment calls into question the integrity and priorities of an organization purportedly dedicated to serving its people.

Maloya’s trip to the UK was marred by a series of frustrations. Despite being invited by SFUK, upon arrival, Maloya claims that no representatives from SFUK contacted him to confirm his arrival or to offer any support. For three days, he was ignored, an experience he found deeply insulting.

In the audio clip, Maloya recounts his attempts to raise concerns with SFUK leaders since 2014, which he says were ignored. He expresses his disillusionment with the organization’s lack of action and responsiveness, highlighting a broader issue of accountability within SFUK and this led him to call for a boycott of the organization, which he accuses of failing to work towards the upliftment and betterment of the Sikh community.

Furthermore, Jaswinder alleges that SFUK has been exploiting and depleting donations and funds received from well-meaning supporters. He contends that while the coffers of SFUK swell, the organization remains conspicuously inactive in advancing the interests and needs of the Sikh community. This revelation casts a dark shadow over SFUK, suggesting a gross mismanagement of resources that were intended for community betterment but are instead being squandered with impunity.

However, this is not the first time SFUK’s credibility has come under scrutiny. In December 2023, a report by the Network of Sikh Organizations criticized SFUK for promoting an exclusive Sikh ethnicity, which the report argues is contrary to the Gurus’ teachings on the oneness of humanity. The report highlighted the organization’s expenditure of hundreds of thousands of pounds on self-promotion, while failing to clarify how much of these funds were sourced from community donations.

The financial mismanagement allegations extend to gurdwaras in Wolverhampton and Southampton, which have reportedly seen their funds depleted due to misappropriation. Despite repeated inquiries, SFUK has not provided transparency regarding the exact amount spent or the proportion of community donations used.

Maloya’s public denouncement adds to the growing dissatisfaction within the Sikh community regarding SFUK’s operations and priorities. He calls for a boycott of SFUK, citing their lack of action for the Sikh community’s upliftment and financial mismanagement.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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