Unveiling the Past: Punjab’s Vision for Upgrading Historical Memorials in Ferozepur

by Manjari Singh

Ferozepur district witnessed a significant step towards boosting tourism as Anmol Gagan Maan, the Cabinet Minister for Tourism and Cultural Affairs, laid the foundation stone for multiple projects worth Rs 15.5 crore today.

Addressing the media at Saragarhi Memorial, Maan expressed the state government’s commitment to enhancing the memorials under the ambitious “Anglo-Sikh War Circuit” project.

Highlighting the efforts of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Maan announced the renovation and upgrade of the Ferozeshah Anglo-Sikh War Memorial, at an estimated cost of Rs 9.98 crore. She also emphasized the development plans for other memorials, including Saragarhi (featuring the construction of a museum with an estimated cost of Rs 1.70 crore), Mudki (Rs 98.95 lakh), Sabraon (Rs 82.89 lakh), Mishriwal (Rs 23.36 lakh), Ferozeshah (Rs 70.44 lakh), and Aliwal in Ludhiana.

During the ceremony, Maan inaugurated the foundation stone laying ceremony for the museum to be constructed at Saragarhi memorial.

“Our focus is on transforming historical sites into compelling tourist destinations,” stated Maan. “Countless Punjabis made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. It is our duty to preserve and honor these memorials. By upgrading these historical monuments, we aim to educate the younger generation about these places and the sacrifices of our martyrs,” added the minister.

Maan also announced a cash prize of Rs 10 lakh for kite-flying competitions, aligning with the state’s vibrant celebration of Basant.

Prior to the event, the Cabinet Minister visited the national martyrs memorial, where she paid tribute to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev, revered icons of India’s freedom struggle.

Manjari Singh

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