Sports to Tackle Drug Menace: A Winning Strategy for Youth

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In a proactive move against drug abuse, Ludhiana (Rural) police recently hosted a spirited district-level basketball tournament aimed at engaging youth and raising awareness about the dangers of substance addiction. Held in the serene village of Gureh, Mullanpur Dakha, the tournament not only showcased athletic prowess but also underscored a community-wide commitment to combatting drug menace.

Under the vigilant leadership of Ludhiana SSP (Rural) Navneet Singh Bains and with the esteemed presence of DIG Ludhiana Range Dhanpreet Kaur, the event marked a significant step in the ongoing anti-drug awareness campaign. Speaking at the event, DIG Dhanpreet Kaur emphasized the importance of such initiatives in fostering community unity and steering young minds away from destructive habits.

“The purpose behind organizing such events is twofold,” explained DIG Dhanpreet Kaur, “to provide a competitive platform for our youth and to educate them about the perils of drug addiction.” This sentiment resonated strongly as teams from across Ludhiana competed passionately in both boys’ and girls’ categories, demonstrating skill and sportsmanship.

In the boys’ category, the Ludhiana Basketball Academy clinched the top spot, followed closely by the District Ludhiana team. Meanwhile, in the girls’ category, the Ludhiana Basketball Academy again emerged victorious, with the Ludhiana Basketball Club securing second place. The winners were honored with cash prizes, trophies, and medals, celebrating not just their athletic achievements but their commitment to a drug-free future.

Beyond the courts, the tournament symbolized a broader strategy embraced by the Punjab government—Enforcement, De-addiction, and Prevention (EDP)—to combat drug abuse comprehensively. This holistic approach includes not only law enforcement efforts but also community engagement through various sports, cultural events, and educational campaigns.

Local support for the initiative was palpable, with villagers affirming their solidarity with the government’s anti-drug efforts. Gureh’s Veerpal Singh, a respected former panchayat member, highlighted the significance of such sporting endeavors in nurturing youth talent and resilience. Meanwhile, Gurdeep Singh from New Dalla village pledged unwavering support to the police in their tireless fight against drug addiction.

As the tournament concluded amidst cheers and camaraderie, it left a lasting impression on participants and spectators alike. It reinforced the Ludhiana (Rural) police’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the well-being of their community and empowering youth through positive avenues like sports.

With each event like this basketball tournament, Ludhiana takes a step forward in building a healthier, drug-free future—one dribble at a time.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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