Nishan-e-Sikhi Institute’s 15 Bright Stars Shine in NDA Written Examination

by Manjari Singh

In a remarkable achievement that reflects not only their dedication but also the exceptional mentoring provided by the Nishan-e-Sikhi Institute of Science and Training, 15 students have successfully cleared the National Defence Academy (NDA) written examination. Among these high-achievers, a historic milestone was reached as Gurleen Kaur became the first-ever girl student from the institute, located in the border district of Tarn Taran, Punjab, to pass the rigorous NDA written exam.

The Nishan-e-Sikhi Institute, guided by the vision of Padam Shri Baba Sewa Singh Ji Kar Sewa at Khadur Sahib, has become a beacon of hope and opportunity for young minds in the region. Not only does it provide quality education at an affordable cost, but it also channels the potential of its students towards serving the nation, thus keeping the youth away from the lure of drugs and foreign shores.

Gurleen Kaur, breaking gender stereotypes and setting a shining example for others, shared her aspirations, “I have kept all my options open. I will try my best to get selected in one of the defense forces. I have cleared the first step and am hopeful to crack the next round. I have also been preparing for engineering.” Gurleen’s determination and the unwavering support of her parents, her father being a small-time shopkeeper and farmer, and her mother being a teacher, are truly inspiring.

Gurleen’s brother, Gurbachan Singh, who also received education at the Nishan-e-Sikhi Institute and is now a software engineer, expressed gratitude for the opportunities provided by the institution, stating, “We would have never known how to apply for such competitive exams if Baba Sewa Singh Ji hadn’t opened this institute. The fee is very reasonable, and our children are getting a quality education. What else do parents want in such a remote area like Khadoor Sahib?”

The Nishan-e-Sikhi Institute of Science and Training, founded by Sikh religious preacher Baba Sewa Singh, draws inspiration from the valor of Lieutenant General Harbakhsh Singh, a hero of the 1965 war. The institute’s noble objective is to nurture and produce Army officers from the border region, fostering a sense of duty and patriotism among the youth.

Major General S Balwinder Singh (Retd.), the Director of the NDA wing at the institute, proudly announced the 15 students who cleared the NDA written exam: Sahijpreet Singh, Bhavkirat Singh, Parvinder Singh, Jobanpreet Singh, Manveer Singh, Jabir Singh, Sikandarbir Singh, Abhaijit Singh, Balroop Singh, Sharandeep Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Jaskaran Singh, Sidakpreet Singh, Jatinjot Singh, and the remarkable Gurleen Kaur from the NEET/JEE wing.

In addition to these achievements, Major General S Balwinder Singh (Retd.) noted that three other students from the institute had already qualified for the NDA-SSB entrance exam this year, further underscoring the institute’s commitment to producing future leaders for the defense of our nation.

The success of these 15 students not only brings pride to their families but also serves as a testament to the power of education and mentorship in shaping the future of our nation. The Nishan-e-Sikhi Institute’s unwavering dedication to guiding young minds towards a career in the defense forces is a shining example of how education can transform lives and communities. Congratulations to the students, faculty, and Padam Shri Baba Sewa Singh Ji for their exceptional efforts in nurturing these young talents and lighting the path to a brighter future.

Manjari Singh

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