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Vegetable Prices Skyrocket in Punjab

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In the wake of relentless rainfall that has inundated numerous villages across the state, farmers are bracing themselves for an impending crisis in fodder and vegetables. The unrelenting downpours have not only caused widespread flooding but also inflicted significant damage to cattle fodder supplies, leaving farmers concerned about the availability of essential resources in the days to come.

The aftermath of these catastrophic rains is already being felt, with prices of tomatoes skyrocketing to an exorbitant range of Rs 170 to 200 per kilogram. Other vegetables, such as cauliflower, ridge gourd, and capsicum, have also witnessed substantial price hikes, ranging from Rs 70 to 120 per kilogram. This alarming escalation in costs is further exacerbating the challenges faced by both consumers and farmers alike.

In Jalandhar’s flood-ravaged villages, despite the perilous conditions, many cultivators are hesitating to evacuate their homes, as they refuse to abandon their cattle. These farmers have formed deep bonds with their livestock, which represent their livelihood and a crucial source of sustenance for their families. Their dedication and unwavering commitment to their animals are both commendable and a reflection of the immense challenges they face in this difficult period.

The floodwaters have wreaked havoc, causing substantial damage to crops, inundating fields, and washing away valuable cattle fodder. As a result, farmers are left grappling with the immediate aftermath, uncertain of how they will be able to meet the growing demand for food and feed. The situation is especially dire as they confront not only the loss of their primary source of income but also the impending scarcity of vegetables and fodder.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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