Nature Retreat Chohal: A Paradise for Eco-Tourists in Hoshiarpur

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

Hoshiarpur’s Chohal region is now all set to welcome nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers with open arms, thanks to the recently inaugurated Chohal Eco-Tourism Project, also known as Nature Retreat Chohal. The virtual inauguration was graced by the presence of Forest Minister Lal Chand Kataruchak, who emphasized the project’s aim to acquaint people with the region’s forests and its magnificent wildlife while promoting eco-tourism in Punjab.

Built with a vision for sustainable development and community involvement, the project offers a range of facilities to make the tourists’ stay an enjoyable and enriching experience. A key highlight of the project is the comfortable huts, constructed at a cost of Rs 60 lakh, where visitors can reside with their families amidst the serenity of nature. The entire project will be managed and run by the local community, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility within them.

One of the remarkable aspects of the Nature Retreat Chohal is its commitment to give back to the local community. Fifty percent of the generated profit will be reinvested in the development of the village, ensuring that the project’s success brings prosperity to the region and its people.

The Principal Chief Forest Conservator, RK Mishra, shared some exciting details about the various amenities available at the retreat. Alongside the huts, the project features a well-equipped canteen where tourists can savor delicious meals and refreshments. For those seeking thrilling adventures, the Nature Retreat offers jeep safari and nature trail facilities. This means tourists will have the opportunity to witness the beauty of nature up close and encounter a diverse range of wildlife, including peacocks, sambar deer, birds, and even leopards.

Dr. Sanjeev Tiwari, the Forest Conservator of the North Circle, expressed his enthusiasm about this being the third eco-tourism project in Punjab. He highlighted that other successful initiatives, such as the first Mini Goa in Pathankot district and Jungle Lodges on Thana Dam in Hoshiarpur district, have been embraced by tourists for their unique experiences.

Furthermore, the District Forest Officer, Nalin Yadav, stressed the positive impact this project would have on the local community. By creating employment opportunities, it is expected that the income of the local people will witness a significant boost, thereby uplifting their livelihoods. Additionally, plans are underway to introduce a jungle safari from Chohal to Takhni Wildlife Sanctuary, enhancing the region’s overall appeal to wildlife enthusiasts.

Nature Retreat Chohal is a testament to the possibilities of sustainable tourism that not only preserves the natural beauty of a region but also actively contributes to the welfare of its residents. Tourists can now embark on a memorable journey to Hoshiarpur’s Chohal, where the tranquility of nature and the thrill of wildlife encounters await them. With its eco-friendly approach and community-driven operations, this project sets a commendable example for responsible and enriching tourism in the heart of Punjab.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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