Royal Salute to Sikhism: Lord Indarjit Singh’s Historic Moment at Royal Coronation

by Antariksh Singh

In a historic gesture highlighting the importance of religious diversity, British Sikh Lord Indarjit Singh of Wimbledon presented the Coronation Glove to King Charles III during the monarch’s coronation ceremony. This marked the first time peers from different faiths, including Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Jewish, participated in the procession.

The Sikh community lauded King Charles’s decision to give equal status to all religions. Lord Indarjit Singh, a 90-year-old British Sikh peer, was chosen by the UK Government to represent the Sikh community at the coronation. Singh had previously represented the Sikh community at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and attended the wedding of the son of the then-Prince of Wales Charles.

The Coronation Glove, a symbolic piece worn by the monarch to hold the Sovereign’s Sceptre during the crowning, is an important part of the ceremony. King Charles III opted for sustainability and efficiency by reusing the glove made for his grandfather, King George VI, in 1937. The glove, made of white leather and adorned with intricate embroidery, holds national emblems like the Tudor Rose, thistle, shamrock, oak leaves, and acorns.

In addition to the glove, King Charles III also reused historic vestments from past coronations, including those of King George IV in 1821, King George V in 1911, King George VI in 1937, and Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. These vestments were worn as the king was crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Coronation Chair at Westminster Abbey.

As the Head of the Church of England, King Charles III is responsible for overseeing all religious ceremonies conducted by the Archbishop. However, reports suggest that the king has expressed his desire to be a defender of all faiths while serving as the head of the Christian faith in the UK.

The royal family revealed details about the coronation, including a new Twitter emoji featuring St Edward’s Crown, through their official Twitter handle. The King’s Procession to Westminster Abbey, which included Armed Forces from across the Commonwealth and the British Overseas Territories, departed Buckingham Palace and followed a traditional route before returning.

This historic event marks a significant milestone for the Sikh diaspora and other religious communities, as it signifies the recognition and acceptance of diverse faiths in the United Kingdom.

Antariksh Singh

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