Surrey Temple Desecrated: Canada’s Silence Speaks Volumes for Khalistan Extremism Support

by Antariksh Singh

On August 12, 2023, in the tranquil town of Surrey, British Columbia, the very essence of Canada’s foundational commitment to freedom, diversity, and equality was ruthlessly attacked. The Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, a temple once graced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi back in 2015, was desecrated with anti-India and pro-Khalistan posters. The posters, a chilling reflection of extremist views, were audaciously pasted on the temple‚Äôs front gate and rear wall.

This act, whether intended as a political message or a blatant display of disdain for Canadian secular values, can only be described for what it truly is: a hate crime. Hate crimes not only target individual victims but also serve to terrorize an entire community, sending shockwaves through every member, every family. It’s a malicious attempt to force a group into silence and submission.

The Indian community in Surrey is palpably besieged by fear and anxiety. The very thought that such a profound symbol of their faith and identity could be attacked is deeply unsettling. But what is even more alarming is the seeming indifference of the Canadian authorities.

Khalistani extremists appear emboldened, possibly due to what they perceive as passive acceptance, or worse, tacit approval, from the provincial and federal governments. This emboldenment could be attributed to the absence of swift and unequivocal condemnations from prominent political figures. When politicians maintain their silence on critical issues, especially those that undermine national unity, it fuels doubts and apprehensions. It could be interpreted by radicals as a sign of support or, at the very least, indifference.

This temple attack also paints a larger picture: the vulnerability of religious minorities in Canada. The apparent targeting of the Hindu community is an affront to the very fabric of Canada’s multicultural society. Canada has long been a beacon of hope for people from all over the world, who come seeking a place where they can practice their faith, culture, and traditions without fear. This incident casts a dark shadow on Canada’s reputation and raises serious questions about whether the country’s commitment to freedom of religion is merely rhetorical.

However, it’s not all bleak. Maninder Gill, president of the Surrey-based Friends of Canada and India Foundation, has openly condemned the incident. But his lone voice is not enough. It is now crucial for other community leaders, political figures, and institutions to break their silence.

Canada stands at a crucial crossroads. Incidents like these, if left unchecked or inadequately addressed, can ferment further divisions and potentially embolden extremist elements. The desecration of the Lakshmi Narayan Mandir should serve as a wake-up call to Canada. Now is the time for action, dialogue, and reaffirmation of the values that define this great nation. The world, and more importantly, the terrified Indian community in Surrey, is watching.

Antariksh Singh

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