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Amritsar Chefs Set Guinness World Record with Mammoth Methi Parantha

by Manjari Singh

In a remarkable display of culinary expertise and teamwork, a group of eight chefs from Taj Swarna, Amritsar, has etched their names in the Guinness World Records by creating the world’s largest methi (fenugreek) parantha. This gastronomic masterpiece, measuring an impressive 8×4 feet and weighing 37.5 kilograms, was crafted at the vibrant Food Mela, part of the Rangla Punjab festival, underscoring Amritsar’s status as India’s premier food destination.

The colossal parantha was not just a feat of size but also a testament to the chefs’ dedication and skill. They embarked on a rigorous seven to eight days of practice, starting with smaller versions weighing 4 kg and progressively scaling up to 13 kg. Their commitment paid off when they surpassed the Guinness World Record minimum weight requirement of 32 kg, setting a new benchmark with their 37.5 kg creation.

This culinary achievement was recognized in the presence of notable dignitaries, including Ghanshyam Thori, Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar, Neeru Katyal Gupta, Director of the Tourism Department, and Bhupinder Singh Chana, Supervising Engineer of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Punjab. They were on hand to receive the prestigious certificate from the Guinness World Record team at the festival.

The preparation for this record-breaking parantha was an elaborate affair. Over 700 kilograms of flour were used, and a special 14 kg pan (tawa) was custom-made and transported from Delhi for the event. The cooking process involved 14 burners and took a team of chefs one and a half hours to complete, all performed live in front of an enthusiastic audience at the festival.

The record has been officially registered in the name of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Government of Punjab, in collaboration with Taj Swarna and CS Direkt Events and Exhibitions Pvt Limited, the organizers of the Rangla Punjab event.

This achievement not only highlights the rich culinary tradition of Amritsar but also showcases the innovative spirit and teamwork of its chefs. The city’s reputation as a food lover’s paradise is further cemented by this remarkable accomplishment, adding another feather in the cap of Punjab’s vibrant cultural and gastronomic landscape.

Manjari Singh

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