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Sikhs in Singapore: A Culture of Success and Diversity

by Antariksh Singh

Singapore’s Sikh community has been recognized and applauded for their exceptional contributions across diverse fields while preserving their rich culture, faith, and distinct identity. During the 75th anniversary celebration dinner of the Sikh Advisory Board (SAB), Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong commended the community for their remarkable achievements.

Addressing the gathering, Lawrence Wong praised the Sikhs for their remarkable accomplishments in various professions and their significant impact on diverse sectors. He acknowledged their ability to excel and assume leadership positions, whether it be in the civil service, uniformed services, judiciary, business, sports, or numerous other fields.

“It is evident that Sikhs in Singapore have not only succeeded but have also managed to maintain their cultural heritage, faith, and unique identity,” stated Lawrence Wong. He emphasized the government’s profound appreciation and value for the close collaboration with the Sikh community. Though their numbers may be comparatively smaller, their contributions to Singapore have been disproportionately immense.

The Deputy Prime Minister highlighted the instrumental role played by the Sikh Advisory Board in advising the state on matters concerning the community, encompassing religious, customs, and welfare issues. The Board’s candid and open approach in sharing perspectives and views has been highly valued. Despite being an Advisory Board, their advice is taken seriously and is crucial in shaping government policies.

Furthermore, Lawrence Wong acknowledged the Sikh Advisory Board’s crucial involvement in mediating disputes, particularly those related to employment practices. This ensures that Sikhs can continue to observe the core principles of their faith while being integrated into the workforce.

The Sikh community’s ability to thrive professionally, preserve their heritage, and actively engage with the government underscores their exceptional spirit and determination. Singapore stands as a testament to the strength that cultural diversity brings to a nation, with Sikhs making a profound impact in the country’s progress and success.

As Singapore moves forward, it is clear that the contributions and achievements of the Sikh community will continue to be a source of pride and inspiration for all citizens, proving that diversity and cultural harmony are essential elements in building a vibrant and prosperous nation.

Antariksh Singh

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