COAETian Innovators Triumph in National Level Competition with Automated Multi-Vegetable Transplanter

by Manjari Singh

In a resounding victory, the College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (COAET) at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) once again proved its mettle on the national stage. The COAETian Innovators, a dynamic team of 25 students, clinched the top position in the prestigious ‘TIFAN 2024’ competition, maintaining their winning streak following last year’s remarkable achievement of securing AIR-1.

TIFAN, which stands for Technology Innovation Forum for Agricultural Nurturing, is a premier national-level competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) – India and John Deere Limited, Pune. This year’s challenge centered around the development of an ‘Automated Multi-Vegetable Transplanter,’ reflecting the growing need for innovative solutions in agricultural technology.

Under the expert guidance of mentors including Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta, Dr. Rohinish Khurana, Dr. Anoop Dixit, and Dr. Apoorv Prakash, the COAETian Innovators embarked on a journey to design and construct their revolutionary Automated Multi-Vegetable Transplanter. Their dedication and tireless efforts culminated in a groundbreaking creation that impressed both judges and competitors alike.

Competing against 73 other teams, the COAETian Innovators navigated through rigorous qualifying rounds to secure their spot in the final showdown, held at Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, Maharashtra. Over the course of ten months, they faced numerous challenges, pushing the boundaries of innovation and engineering excellence.

A panel of esteemed judges representing industry giants such as John Deere, Mahindra and Mahindra, Cummins, Altair, and ARAI meticulously evaluated the performance of the Automated Multi-Vegetable Transplanter under various field conditions. Their unanimous praise for the design and functionality of the machine underscored the exceptional caliber of the COAETian Innovators’ work.

Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, Vice-Chancellor of PAU, lauded the winning team for their remarkable achievement and underscored the importance of fostering qualities such as discipline, dedication, and teamwork among students. He emphasized the significance of building a robust professional portfolio to seize global career opportunities successfully.

Reflecting on the triumph, Dr. Manjeet Singh, Dean of COAET, highlighted the consistent excellence displayed by PAU Agricultural Engineers both academically and in national-level competitions. The victory not only reaffirms the university’s commitment to nurturing talent but also underscores its leadership in agricultural innovation.

Dr. Gupta, one of the faculty mentors, commended the students for translating their ideas into practical solutions, demonstrating the ingenuity of budding innovators. He praised their scientific acumen and resilience in overcoming obstacles, noting that their success would serve as a beacon of inspiration for future engineers.

In a gesture of gratitude, the entire team extended heartfelt thanks to their mentors and supporters for their unwavering guidance and encouragement throughout the journey. Their triumph in the TIFAN 2024 competition not only marks a significant milestone for COAET but also heralds a new era of innovation and excellence in agricultural engineering.

Manjari Singh

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