Colin Bloom Sounds the Alarm on Growing Khalistan Extremism in Western Countries

by Dr. Jasneet Bedi

Colin Bloom, a former adviser to the UK government and renowned author, has raised a red flag regarding the growing menace of Khalistan extremism in Western countries. In a recent interview, Mr. Bloom expressed his concerns over the lack of action by Western governments in addressing this sinister and aggressive behavior among some members of the Sikh community. This article delves into his observations and emphasizes the urgent need for collective action to counteract this disturbing trend.

The Rise of Khalistan Extremism

Colin Bloom’s report underscored the troubling increase in pro-Khalistan extremism in Western nations. While Mr. Bloom firmly advocates for free speech and individual beliefs, he condemns actions that harm, intimidate, or harass others. The recent incident involving the Indian High Commissioner to Britain, Vikram Doraiswami, serves as a prime example of the overreach of free speech, as extremist elements disrupted a planned interaction at the Glasgow Gurdwara.

Courtesy: CNN-News 18

It is crucial to note that the majority of the Sikh population in Western countries does not endorse extremist ideologies. These radical elements within the community are causing immense frustration and disappointment among law-abiding Sikh individuals who want no part in such activities.

Western Governments’ Inaction

Colin Bloom highlights the Western governments’ failure to address and tackle the rise of extremist and aggressive behavior within the Sikh community. He asserts that British Sikhs, who have reached out to him, feel abandoned by their government. The same sentiments likely echo in Canada and the United States, where similar issues persist.

Mr. Bloom insists that Western governments, including the UK, US, and Canada, should collaborate to address this growing concern. He calls for stronger efforts to protect Sikhs who distance themselves from extremist elements.

Urgent Need for Action

The recent incident in which a Sikh restaurant owner’s car was shot at and vandalized in West London demonstrates the gravity of the situation. It is clear that these extremist elements pose a significant threat to both individuals and communities. Mr. Bloom urges the British government, as well as other Western governments, to step up their efforts to protect those who want nothing to do with such extremism.

Sikh restaurant owner’s car reportedly shot at, vandalised in London by alleged Khalistan extremists

He also emphasizes the importance of monitoring online materials, as they can play a pivotal role in radicalization. If left unchecked, this issue could spiral out of control, leading to more intimidation and harm to innocent people.

False Appearance of Legitimacy

Colin Bloom’s report for the UK government warns that some pro-Khalistan Sikh groups aim to inflate their influence by masquerading as human rights activists. These groups present a false image of legitimacy while engaging in subversive, sectarian, and discriminatory activities. It is vital to recognize that the actions of these fringe groups do not represent the true nature of the broader Sikh community in Western countries.

Colin Bloom’s report and his recent comments highlight the pressing need for Western governments to address the escalating Khalistan extremism issue. The disruption of events involving Indian officials, threats against vocal individuals, and the potential for further harm necessitate immediate attention and action. It is incumbent upon Western governments to protect their Sikh communities from the divisive and dangerous actions of a small minority while upholding the values of free speech and religious freedom. Failure to do so may allow this issue to spiral out of control, harming more people and damaging the fabric of multicultural societies.

Dr. Jasneet Bedi

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