Sikh Community Raises Concerns Over Harassment and Discrimination in Canada

by Antariksh Singh

In a recent development, the President of Gurdwara Guru Amardas Darbar Sikh Society, Surinder Singh Shergill, has penned a letter to Premier David Eby, drawing attention to allegations of harassment and discrimination within Interior Health (IH). The Sikh community in Kelowna has expressed deep concerns about the reported mistreatment of Dr. Hoonjan and has called for immediate intervention.

In the letter addressed to Premier Eby, Shergill emphasized the significance of a workplace culture that promotes safety and quality healthcare, free from toxicity and discrimination. “As Sikhs, our faith mandates us to address injustice, inequity, and inequality, and we cannot stand by while Dr. Hoonjan faces unjust treatment,” wrote Shergill, highlighting the community’s commitment to principles of justice and fairness.

The Sikh community’s loss of confidence in Interior Health is underscored by their appeal to Premier Eby for urgent intervention. The allegations have brought to light concerns about the well-being of Dr. Hoonjan, a professional within the medical field, who is reported to be facing unjust treatment.

Interior Health, in response to the allegations, has acknowledged receipt of the concerns and has expressed respect for the decision reached by the Hospital Appeals Board. Despite the assurance from Interior Health, the Sikh community remains steadfast in their belief that the reported issues must be promptly and thoroughly addressed.

The Hospital Appeals Board decision confirms that Dr. Hoonjan is actively working within the surgical department at Kelowna General Hospital. However, the allegations have prompted the Sikh community to question the overall workplace culture within Interior Health and to seek reassurance that the principles of justice, equity, and fairness are upheld for all employees.

The broader context of this situation raises important questions about the commitment of healthcare organizations to fostering inclusive and respectful workplace environments. The Sikh community’s call for intervention from Premier Eby emphasizes the need for a comprehensive investigation into the allegations and a commitment to ensuring a workplace free from discrimination and harassment.

Antariksh Singh

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