Shaping Tomorrow: MRSPTU’s Youth Dialogue Highlights India@2047

by Dr. Jasneet Bedi

Amidst the hallowed halls of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University (MRSPTU), a beacon of hope for India’s future illuminated the horizon on Monday as the campus played host to the dynamic ‘Yuva Samvad-India@2047’ event. This symposium, resonating with the echoes of India’s past struggles and the fervent dreams for its future, captured the imagination of students and dignitaries alike, underscoring the nation’s aspirations for the pivotal year of 2047.

At the heart of the discourse stood the concept of ‘Panch Pran,’ a quintessential framework introduced by the Prime Minister during Independence Day celebrations. These five principles serve as the guiding light towards realizing Bharat’s vision as a Vishwaguru by 2047, encapsulating the essence of a developed nation, the liberation from colonial mindsets, the celebration of heritage, the strength of unity, and the call to duty. In an era defined by the Amrit Kaal, these principles resonate deeply with today’s youth, beckoning them to participate in shaping the nation’s destiny.

In a collaborative effort orchestrated by the NSS wing, University Business School, and the Department of Computer Science, students were afforded a platform to engage in dialogue through a speech competition titled “India’s Panch Pran: A Youth Dialogue – Bharat Ke Panch Pran – Ek Yuva Paricharcha.” This initiative aimed to instill awareness and foster a sense of ownership among the university’s vibrant student community.

The event witnessed an enlightening lecture delivered by former Health Minister, Professor Laxmi Kanta Chawla, who underscored the pivotal role of youth in national development. Professor Chawla’s discourse delved into the annals of Indian history, emphasizing the imperative of youth involvement in addressing contemporary societal challenges, including the scourge of drug addiction. Her words resonated deeply, igniting a sense of responsibility among the attentive audience.

Dr. Gurinder Pal Singh Brar, the esteemed Registrar of MRSPTU, further enriched the dialogue by leading a thought-provoking discussion on the transformative influence of teachers within the rich tapestry of Indian culture. His insights served as a reminder of the profound impact that mentors wield in shaping the ethos and character of the nation’s youth.

At the helm of the event stood Dr. Veerpaul Kaur Maan, Head of University Business School, alongside Dr. Swati from the Department of Computer Science, both instrumental in steering the proceedings with wisdom and finesse. Dr. Meenu, the NSS Coordinator, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the event, ensuring its success and resonance among the student body.

As the echoes of the Yuva Samvad-India@2047 event reverberate across the campus, they serve as a clarion call to India’s youth, beckoning them to embrace their roles as torchbearers of change. In the crucible of MRSPTU, a vision for India’s future is taking shape, guided by the timeless principles of the Panch Pran and fueled by the passion and determination of its vibrant youth. As the nation strides towards 2047, the journey towards realizing Bharat’s destiny as a Vishwaguru is well underway, with the indomitable spirit of its youth leading the way.

Dr. Jasneet Bedi

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