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Sikh Community Globally Backs PM Modi, Attributes His Role in National Progress

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Darshan Singh Dhaliwal, a prominent member of the Sikh community, recently voiced vigorous backing for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, citing his instrumental role both for the Sikh community and the nation at large.

In an interaction with ANI, Dhaliwal asserted, “The Sikh community genuinely supports our Prime Minister. His commendable efforts for the Sikhs and India at large are why we are here today, expressing our pride in his leadership.”

Dhaliwal, while on his way to the 9/11 memorial, spoke passionately about India’s relentless efforts in countering terrorism. He stated, “India is really working hard to fight terrorism. And we can see it back home and every place else.” Dhaliwal also touched on the empathy the Sikh community has been receiving, noting, “There are very few people who are kind to us.” These statements served as a poignant reminder of the shared challenges faced by the community worldwide and the collective responsibility to counter them.

A warm welcome awaited PM Modi as he arrived at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. There to greet him were India’s Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, and India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj.

Discussing the support Modi garners from the Sikh community, another Indian-origin individual in the US, Vipin Dutta, opined that the Prime Minister enjoys widespread backing, transcending the Sikh community.

Speaking about PM Modi’s noteworthy achievements, Dutta commented, “Not only the Sikh community, but people across the board back Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister, who has brought about extraordinary changes over the past eight or nine years. His impact is evident, and it’s how India has reached this stature on the global stage.”

“Undoubtedly, we Sikhs are profoundly grateful to Narendra Modi for his efforts for our community. It’s this appreciation that brings us here today, particularly, to welcome him on his state visit. We take immense pride in his accomplishments and are delighted to be here,” he further added.

Another Indian-origin individual in the US raised a rhetorical question about the exceptional attention and respect the Sikh community has received from a leader post-India’s independence, referencing PM Modi.

He extended his gratitude to Dashan Dhaliwal for the invitation and added, “Today, the world recognizes the Sikh community as India’s defenders. The community, once stigmatized, is now thriving and prosperous, thanks to Modi’s inclusive policies. As proud Punjabis, we know how to live life to its fullest. Recognizing the sacrifices and contributions of the Sikh community to our current standing is of utmost importance, a fact well-understood by Modi.”

He also highlighted the universal appeal of the Golden Temple in Amritsar and the global respect for the Sikh community, indicating a paramount shift in perception, the highest he’s ever witnessed.

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