Ranjit Nagra Foundation Halts Renovation Works of Gurdwaras in Pakistan

by News Desk

US-based Ranjit Nagara Foundation, involved in conservation/renovation of Gurudwara Chowa Sahib and Gurudwara Janamsthan Mata Sahib Kaur Ji in Jhelum district of Pakistan’s Punjab province and other local Gurdwaras, has put on hold its activities due to non-compliance by the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) / PSGPC in providing them bills and expenditure details of the works carried out till date. As per US rules, the foundation is expected to provide documentation of their expenditure to Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice, however, the ETPB office has not provided the requisite documents till date to the organization.

As such, the Foundation had purchased a total of 3.5 acres of land for Gurudwara Janamasthan Mata Sahib Kaur Ji from three adjacent property holders, (i) Parveen Akhtar, w/o Muhammad Sharif Awan Muhammad Yasir, (ii) Muhammad Daud Baig s/o Mirza Asghar Baig, and (iii) Mohammad Saqib s/o Mohammad Sadil for Rs. 2 million, Rs. 4.5 million and Rs. 2.5 million, respectively, in July and August 2021 to be used in expansion and renovation of the Gurdwaras. The properties were bought in the name of Khalsa Panth and not in the name of any individual or an NGO. Subsequently, the properties were handed over to Pakistan’s ETPB along with regular donations for undertaking the works at the above two Gurdwaras. However, since the ETPB has not provided the requisite receipts of work done, the Foundation is now under the scanner of the US’ Internal Revenue Service.

The Ranjit Nagara Foundation is largely funded by the Sikh diaspora with resources being further transferred to Pakistan for restoration and conservation of sacred Sikh Gurdwaras and other culturally significant shrines.

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