Amritsar to Verona Direct Flight Takes Off, Connecting Indian Passengers to Italy

by Manjari Singh

In a momentous development for travelers between India and Italy, Neos Airline inaugurated its first direct flight from Amritsar to Verona on Wednesday. The introduction of this new service brings much convenience to the substantial Indian population residing in Verona, primarily from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu Kashmir, who previously had to undertake a cumbersome journey via Milan.

The new flight route, which operates once a week, took flight enthusiasts by surprise as it offers a swift connection between the Sri Guru Ramdas International Airport in Amritsar and the enchanting city of Verona, Italy. This historic city, famous for its stunning architecture and romantic allure, is a significant attraction for Indian travelers. Neos Airline’s initiative is not only a game-changer for the Indian diaspora but also a positive sign of strengthening air connectivity between the two nations.

The flight departs from Verona city at 3.35 am (IST) every Wednesday and lands in Amritsar at 1.55 pm the same day. Similarly, it takes off from Amritsar at 3.35 pm on Wednesday, heading back to Verona. The airline officials have expressed optimism about the route’s success and have stated that they may consider increasing the frequency of the flights based on passenger response.

Neos Airline spokesperson, Kulwant Rai Ghai, emphasized that this venture caters to the longstanding demand of passengers who often had to endure a complicated journey, involving multiple modes of transportation, to reach Verona from Amritsar. Now, with the direct flight, the convenience of air travel is at their doorstep. Ghai also pointed out that Verona hosts a sizable Indian community, nearly 2 lakh strong, with the majority hailing from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu Kashmir. The city’s cultural, historic, and economic ties with these regions make this new flight route all the more significant.

Neos Airline has deployed a spacious 180-seat aircraft for this new route, ensuring the comfort of travelers throughout their journey. The airline aims to cater to the growing demand by increasing the number of flights to Verona in the near future. This prospect is met with enthusiasm from both the Indian and Italian communities, who see it as a major step toward enhancing cultural exchanges and strengthening economic ties between the two regions.

Manjari Singh

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