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Legacy of Professor Puran Singh: A Luminary of Sikh Spirituality and Literature

by Manjari Singh

In the annals of Sikh history, few figures shine as brightly as Professor Puran Singh, whose birth anniversary we commemorate today. Born in the quaint village of Salhad in Abbottabad District (West Panjab), Puran Singh was a polymath whose genius spanned the realms of science, poetry, mysticism, and activism. His legacy is a testament to the vibrant confluence of intellectual curiosity and spiritual fervor.

Professor Puran Singh’s journey was as eclectic as it was remarkable. His quest for knowledge led him to Japan in 1900, where he pursued studies in industrial chemistry at Tokyo University. Japan was more than just a place of academic endeavor for Puran Singh; it was a crucible for a profound spiritual transformation. There, he embraced Buddhism, stepping away from the Sikh faith of his upbringing. This period of spiritual exploration was a testament to his restless intellect and boundless curiosity.

However, Puran Singh’s sojourn in the realm of Buddhism was not the end of his spiritual journey but a pivotal chapter that would eventually steer him back to the folds of Sikhi. It was his encounter with the great Sikh scholar and poet Bhai Vir Singh that marked a turning point. Bhai Vir Singh’s wisdom and spiritual depth provided solace to Puran Singh’s wandering mind, rekindling his connection with the Sikh faith. This reunion with Sikhi was not merely a return but a profound transformation, enriching his spiritual and literary pursuits.

Puran Singh’s contributions to Punjabi and English literature are monumental. He possessed a rare ability to weave science and literature together, crafting works that resonated with the beauty of nature and the depth of human emotion. His poetry, marked by its grace and beauty, stands out as a beacon of Punjabi literature. But Puran Singh was more than just a poet; he was a visionary who saw beauty in the convergence of the spiritual and the material.

As a political activist, Puran Singh edited the monthly magazine “Thundering Dawn,” using his pen to challenge British repression in India. His activism was an extension of his profound love for his homeland and his unwavering commitment to justice and freedom.

Despite his life being cut short by tuberculosis in 1931, at the zenith of his creative and intellectual powers, Puran Singh’s legacy endures. His poems, plays, short stories, and essays on Sikhi continue to inspire and enlighten. Through his writings, Puran Singh offers a window into the essence of true devotion to the Guru, blending the spiritual with the material, the mystical with the everyday.

Professor Puran Singh’s life and work remain a beacon of inspiration for Sikhs and lovers of literature around the world. As we commemorate his birth anniversary, we are reminded of the enduring power of faith, the beauty of poetry, and the unyielding spirit of inquiry. Puran Singh was not just a figure of Sikh history; he was a luminous pathfinder whose legacy transcends the boundaries of time and religion, inviting us to explore the depths of our own spirituality and creativity.

Manjari Singh

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