Punjab’s Vision for Tourism Development

by Antariksh Singh

In a bid to position itself as a premier global tourist destination, the state government has unveiled a comprehensive strategy, embracing the mantra that “One size doesn’t fit all.” This forward-thinking approach encompasses a diverse array of themes, each aimed at catering to the varied tastes of prospective visitors. From transforming Amritsar into a sought-after wedding destination to promoting heritage tourism, eco and farm retreats, exploring the hinterlands, colonial history, wellness, and even media and entertainment tourism, the state aims to offer a rich and diverse range of experiences to travelers from around the world.

Despite boasting an abundance of cultural and historical treasures, the potential of the state’s legacy has remained underutilized for the past seven decades. Gurinder Singh Johal, Founder of Amritsar Heritage Walks, emphasized the importance of preserving and showcasing the state’s remarkable monuments and palaces. He urged authorities to draw inspiration from the Lahore City Walled Authority, which has excelled in heritage conservation.

Moreover, the state’s focus extends to eco and farm tourism, tapping into the growing trend of travelers seeking authentic cultural encounters. Harkirat Singh Ahluwalia, Founder of Citrus County, highlighted the popularity of farm stays and home stays as immersive experiences for visitors.

In an enlightening session, Kuldeep Singh, Associate Director at KPMG, revealed that the state has taken a significant step towards wellness tourism with the release of its first draft of the Wellness Tourism Policy. This pioneering policy envisions the establishment of resorts and wellness centers offering a range of services, including ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga, meditation, and skincare treatments.

With this multifaceted approach, the state government aims to unlock the full potential of its cultural, historical, and natural treasures, welcoming tourists from all corners of the globe. This ambitious vision promises to position the state as a top-tier global tourist destination and contribute to its sustainable growth and development.

Antariksh Singh

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