Tragedy Strikes Avtar Nagar: Six Lives Lost in Devastating House Fire

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

A devastating fire engulfed a residence in Avtar Nagar on Sunday night, leaving a trail of grief and heartbreak as it claimed the lives of six individuals, including three innocent children. The tragedy unfolded tragically, with the police suspecting a refrigerator compressor burst as the initial trigger, leading to a fire that quickly spiraled out of control.

The victims of this heart-wrenching incident have been identified as Yashpal Ghai (65), his son Inderpal, daughter-in-law Ruchi, and their three beloved children – Diya and Mansha, aged between 10 to 15, and seven-year-old Akshay. The family was spending a quiet Sunday evening in their home when tragedy struck, leaving an indelible mark on the community.

The chain of events that led to this catastrophic fire is currently under investigation by local authorities, with initial suspicions pointing towards a refrigerator compressor burst. This release of gas is believed to have rapidly spread throughout the house, rendering it uncontrollable within moments.

Raj Ghai, the elder brother of the house’s owner and one of the deceased, provided some insight into the events that transpired. According to him, there were seven people inside the house when the incident occurred, with one individual in the outer area. Miraculously, the mother, who was outside at the time, is the sole survivor.

Neighbors recount the horror of the evening, describing a blast-like sound that prompted them to call the fire brigade immediately. Unfortunately, by the time help arrived, the children had already suffered severe injuries. The quick-thinking neighbors played a crucial role in rushing the victims to nearby hospitals.

Tragically, two of the children were declared brought dead at a private hospital, while Yashpal, Ruchi, and Akshay were rushed to the Civil Hospital. Despite the heroic efforts of medical personnel, they could not be saved. Inderpal, in critical condition, was subsequently referred to DMC Ludhiana but, regrettably, did not survive his injuries.

The fire posed a significant challenge to the firefighters, taking nearly two hours to bring under control. DCP Jagmohan Singh confirmed the preliminary theory of a refrigerator blast as the potential cause but emphasized that the investigation is still ongoing, leaving no stone unturned to determine the exact circumstances that led to this heartrending tragedy.

As Avtar Nagar and the wider community grapple with the shock and sorrow of this devastating incident, our thoughts and prayers go out to the surviving family member and friends who have lost their loved ones. The loss of these six precious lives serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of fire safety awareness and precautions in our homes.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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