Pakistan ISI Terror Plan Foiled: Khalistan Liberation Force Operatives Arrested

by Antariksh Singh

In a significant operation, the Punjab Police has successfully thwarted a conspiracy orchestrated by Pakistan’s ISI to disrupt peace and harmony in the border state just ahead of Independence Day. The timely arrest of five operatives belonging to the foreign-based Khalistan Liberation Force has been credited for foiling this nefarious plot.

According to Director General of Police (DGP) Gaurav Yadav, the police received critical intelligence indicating the presence of radical elements operating abroad, who had established a terror module. This module was actively recruiting foot soldiers through incarcerated criminals, intending to carry out targeted killings of minority leaders, police officials, and prominent individuals. The primary aim was to disturb the peace and stability in Punjab.

Taking swift action on this valuable information, the State Special Operations Cell (SSOC) of SAS Nagar immediately registered a case and launched a well-coordinated special operation. Thanks to their relentless efforts, the police managed to apprehend five key members of the KLF module, just two weeks after initiating the operation.

Further investigations have revealed that this newly discovered module had direct links with the same foreign-based handlers responsible for the attack on Shiv Sena leader Rajeev Mahajan in Batala on June 24. The arrested operatives were poised to carry out more targeted killings within the state.

It was unveiled that the KLF operatives were using a fake identity under the name “Ranjodh Singh” to recruit foot soldiers, specifically targeting jail inmates. Through cleverly crafted narratives on social media, they enticed impressionable youth and then transferred funds to their bank accounts to motivate them to commit acts of violence in Punjab.

AIG Ashwani Kapur, sharing additional details about the operation, disclosed that the foreign-based handlers provided the KLF with a list of targets, some of whom had already been subjected to surveillance by the module members.

The Punjab Police has acted swiftly and efficiently in this matter, having already registered a case against the perpetrators under Sections 153, 153-A, and 120-B of the IPC, Sections 25(7) and 25 of the Arms Act, and Sections 18 and 20 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act at SAS Nagar.

The successful foiling of this terror plot showcases the commendable efforts of the Punjab Police in maintaining the security and integrity of the state. Their vigilance and dedication serve as a testament to their commitment to protect the citizens of Punjab from any threats to their safety and well-being. As Independence Day approaches, the people of Punjab can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the law enforcement agencies are ever vigilant and resolute in their mission to ensure peace and harmony in the region.

Antariksh Singh

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