Massive Protests in PoK Against Pakistan Army

by News Desk

In a significant turn of events, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) has witnessed widespread protests and unrest against the Pakistan Army, as the region’s residents raise their voices against atrocities, human rights violations, and the arrest of several activists and journalists. The slogan on everyone’s lips is clear and unequivocal: “Riyasat Humari – Kabza Tumhara – Namanzoor Namanzoor” (Our State – Your Occupation – Unacceptable).

One of the primary reasons behind the protests is the escalating human rights violations committed by the Pakistan Army. Reports of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detentions have become all too common, prompting residents to demand justice and accountability. Families have been torn apart as their loved ones have gone missing or been detained without due process.

Activists and journalists have also found themselves in the crosshairs of the Pakistani authorities. The stifling of dissent and the suppression of free speech have raised concerns about the erosion of fundamental rights in POK. Many have been arrested merely for expressing their opinions or reporting on the ground realities.

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