Australian Court Overturns Ban on Sikh Students’ Kirpan, Cites Unconstitutionality

by Antariksh Singh

In a significant victory for religious freedom, Australia’s Queensland state has witnessed the overturning of a controversial law that prohibited Sikh students from wearing a kirpan on campus. The ruling, which deemed the legislation “unconstitutional,” marks a pivotal moment for the Sikh community and their right to practice their faith without discrimination.

The landmark decision came after Kamaljit Kaur Athwal courageously challenged the state government in court last year, arguing that the ban on the kirpan, one of the five religious symbols integral to the Sikh faith, was discriminatory and hindered their religious practices.

The Queensland Supreme Court, on Thursday, ruled in favor of Kamaljit Kaur Athwal and the Sikh community, stating that “the ban is unconstitutional under the Racial Discrimination Act,” as reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Initially, the claim that the ban was discriminatory was dismissed in an earlier court ruling, but a subsequent appeal has now delivered a resounding win for the Sikh faith.

Bill Potts, representing Potts Lawyers in Queensland, underscored the gravity of the original legislation, which effectively restricted Sikhs from attending schools and practicing their religion freely. With the ban now struck down, Sikhs are granted the same freedoms as everyone else, free from discrimination imposed by state laws.

The decision has been celebrated by the Sikh community as a crucial step forward in upholding their religious rights and cultural identity. Bill Potts emphasized that the overturning of the law restores the essential freedom of practicing their faith without undue hindrance.

“This just simply means that they have the same freedom that everybody else has and are not discriminated against by the state legislation,” he stated.

The ruling sets an essential precedent for safeguarding religious freedom in Australia and sends a strong message about the importance of accommodating diverse religious practices within the country’s educational institutions and society at large.

As Australia takes strides towards fostering a more inclusive and tolerant society, this court ruling serves as a beacon of hope for religious communities seeking to uphold their beliefs while being respected and embraced by the broader community.

Antariksh Singh

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