Intensive Cleanliness Drive Launched in Municipalities Across Regions

by Manjari Singh

In a bid to uphold environmental standards and foster community responsibility, municipal councils and nagar panchayats are gearing up for special cleanliness drives. These initiatives aim not only to ensure compliance with solid waste management regulations but also to sensitize residents about their crucial role in maintaining cleanliness.

The impetus for these drives comes from both national directives and local administrative measures. Stemming from a 2018 order by the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the compliance of which is paramount, these efforts have gained fresh momentum following directives from the Principal Secretary of the Local Bodies Department. The timing, notably post-elections, underscores the immediate priority accorded to this issue.

Central to these campaigns is the ambition to achieve comprehensive waste management goals, particularly emphasizing door-to-door garbage collection and the segregation of solid waste materials. Municipal authorities, cognizant of the pressing need for action, have mobilized sanitation departments to spearhead these endeavors.

In regions like Malerkotla, Amargarh, and Ahmedgarh, civic bodies are already in motion, with sanitation personnel undertaking special cleanliness drives. The instructions, stemming from the office of the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Malerkotla, reflect a wider directive issued by the Principal Secretary, urging administrations across districts to ensure strict adherence to NGT guidelines.

These initiatives extend beyond mere regulatory compliance. They represent a concerted effort to instill a culture of cleanliness and environmental responsibility within communities. By engaging local office-bearers and social activists, authorities seek to foster a sense of ownership and collective action towards maintaining a clean and sustainable environment.

As these cleanliness drives unfold, they serve as a potent reminder of the critical role that every individual plays in preserving the environment. Beyond regulatory mandates, they underscore the shared responsibility of citizens and authorities alike in nurturing cleaner, greener communities for generations to come.

Manjari Singh

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