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Indian-origin MP Condemns Khalistani Posters Promoting Violence and Hate in Canada

by Antariksh Singh

In a significant development that has caught international attention, Chandra Arya, an Indian-origin Member of Parliament (MP) in Canada, has voiced strong criticism against Khalistani posters that label senior Indian diplomats as “killers.” Arya has warned that extremist elements are gaining prominence and called attention to the need for immediate action to address this growing concern.

Arya, a representative of the Liberal Party, expressed his dismay over the abuse of Canada’s charter of rights and freedom by Khalistani supporters who promote violence and hate. He specifically highlighted a recent incident at a Brampton parade, where the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was portrayed and celebrated by participants. The lack of condemnation from elected officials has further emboldened these extremist elements, leading them to openly call for violence against Indian diplomats.

The Canadian authorities have started taking notice of these activities, which is a positive step forward. However, Arya has emphasized that the time has come to acknowledge the presence of extremist elements within Canadian society and their potential threat to diplomatic relations. He aptly described them as “snakes in our backyard” that are raising their heads and hissing, warning that it is only a matter of time before they strike.

While Arya has ideological differences with the ruling Labour Party and the National Democratic Party due to their perceived leniency toward Khalistani separatists, it is important to note that he is not anti-Sikh. In fact, he celebrated Sikh Heritage Month in April, recognizing the significant contributions made by Sikh Canadians to the fabric of Canadian society. Arya also acknowledged Baisakhi, a Sikh festival that commemorates the creation of the Khalsa and the Sikh articles of faith.

The rise of Khalistani extremist elements poses a multifaceted challenge, not only to India but also to Canada’s reputation as a diverse and inclusive nation. The presence of a considerable number of Sikh MPs in the Labour Party and the National Democratic Party has led to concerns regarding their stance on Khalistani separatism. It is crucial for all political parties to unite against any form of extremism and actively address the rise of these divisive ideologies.

Canada, as a nation built on multicultural values and respect for diversity, has long been a haven for individuals from various backgrounds. However, it is imperative to strike a delicate balance between freedom of expression and the prevention of hate speech that incites violence. The promotion of violence against diplomats is a direct assault on diplomatic relations between Canada and India, two countries that share strong ties.

The statements made by MP Chandra Arya resonate beyond party lines, serving as a wake-up call for all Canadians to confront the rise of extremism within their society. Recognizing the distinction between peaceful advocacy and the incitement of violence is crucial to preserving the harmony that has long been a defining characteristic of Canadian society.

As the global community looks toward Canada, a nation renowned for its commitment to human rights and inclusivity, it is essential for the government, civil society, and citizens alike to work together in combating extremism. By standing united against hatred and violence, Canada can reaffirm its dedication to fostering an environment of peace, respect, and understanding among its diverse population.

The international community will undoubtedly be watching closely as Canada takes necessary measures to address these concerns and safeguard its reputation as a bastion of multiculturalism and tolerance.

Antariksh Singh

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