The Untold Story of Policewomen During Elections

by Manjari Singh

As the nation gears up for yet another crucial election, amidst the frenzy of campaigning and anticipation, there’s a group of unsung heroes often overlooked: the policewomen who tirelessly serve during these times. And their children, the young ones, too often are deprived of their share of maternal care, deserve special recognition for their sacrifices.

The demands of election duty are immense, and for policewomen, it means exceptionally long hours and overexertion under challenging weather conditions. The dedication of these women in uniform is commendable, but the toll it takes on their families, especially their children, often goes unnoticed.

Inspector Gurpreet Kaur

In the lead-up to polling day and in the days that follow, the children of policewomen find themselves in a unique predicament. With their mothers called to duty, they must navigate through days without the usual care and attention they deserve. The onset of waterborne diseases and blistering heat only exacerbates their challenges, with reports of children suffering from ailments like diarrhoea, dysentery, and high fevers.

Gurpreet Kaur, in-charge of the District Cyber Cell, shares her poignant experience of her fifteen-month-old son having to forgo maternal care due to her duties. Despite the hardships, she acknowledges the supportive environment provided by her seniors and family, emphasizing the dual roles she must fulfill.

Head Constable Jaspreet Kaur

The sentiments are echoed by other policewomen like HC Jaspreet Kaur, Inspector Harjit Kaur, and Senior Constable Manpreet Kaur, who see this period not just as a professional obligation but as a test of their commitment to the Punjab Police. Their dedication to upholding the department’s reputation is unwavering, yet they grapple with the weight of their children’s sacrifices.

Manpreet Kaur’s words resonate deeply: “We don’t mind going to any extreme to save the esteem of our department, but we don’t know how to repay our kids for the sacrifice they have to make.” It’s a sentiment that encapsulates the dilemma faced by these policewomen, torn between duty and motherhood.

Amidst these challenges, Dr. Puneet Hind, a pediatrician, emphasizes the importance of preventive measures to safeguard children during this vulnerable period. Maintaining personal hygiene and avoiding unsafe water, ice cream, and junk food are crucial steps to protect against waterborne illnesses.

As the election fervor intensifies, let us not forget the silent sacrifices made by the children of policewomen, standing resilient amidst adversity. Their courage and resilience deserve our recognition and support, reminding us of the often-unseen sacrifices made in service to the nation.

Manjari Singh

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