BSF Apprehend Pakistani Teenager and Afghan National near Indian Border

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In a series of incidents highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by security forces along the International Border, the Border Security Force (BSF) has apprehended a Pakistani teenager and an Afghan national within the span of 24 hours in Punjab.

On February 5th, BSF troops detained a 16-year-old Pakistani national near the border fence at Patti Pallo village in Tarn Taran district. Hailing from Kasur in Pakistan, the teenager was intercepted and subsequently taken into custody. Initial inquiries revealed his familiarity with the surrounding areas. Upon search, authorities found a mobile phone and a Pakistani currency note of Rs 100 denomination in his possession.

Following a medical examination, the individual was transferred to the custody of Khalra village police station for further investigation. Meanwhile, BSF officials registered a protest with the Pakistan Rangers, alleging negligence on their part in preventing unauthorized border crossings. However, the Rangers maintained they had no prior reports of anyone missing from their side.

In a separate incident on the same day, BSF personnel observed a person crossing the International Border and entering Indian Territory near Kashi Barman village in the Gurdaspur sector. The individual, identified as an Afghan national, disclosed that he was guided towards the border by an unidentified Pakistani national. Despite initial questioning by BSF, police, and other agencies, the individual could communicate only in Pashto.

No incriminating items were found on his person, and after undergoing a medical examination, he was handed over to authorities at the Narot Jaimal Singh police station for further investigation.

These incidents underscore the persistent challenges faced by security forces in monitoring and securing the International Border. The infiltration of individuals from neighboring countries raises concerns regarding border security and necessitates robust measures to curb such activities. Authorities continue to remain vigilant in safeguarding the nation’s borders, emphasizing the need for enhanced cooperation and coordination among relevant agencies to address cross-border threats effectively.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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