Indian-American Sikh Leader Jesse Singh: No Ground for Khalistan in the US; Lauds PM Modi

by Antariksh Singh

In a recent interview, Jesse Singh, a prominent Indian-American Sikh leader and spokesperson for the Sikhs of America organization, emphasized that there is no support for the Khalistan movement in the United States, neither within the government nor the Sikh community.

Singh commended the Modi government for its unprecedented efforts in addressing the concerns of the Sikh community, highlighting the need for a direct relationship between Prime Minister Modi and the global Sikh community, without intermediaries such as the Akalis.

While acknowledging the positive strides made by the Modi government, Singh pointed out that there are lingering issues that demand attention, notably the atrocities against Sikhs during the 1984 riots. He stressed the importance of addressing these historical grievances, indicating that they remain a significant concern for the Sikh community.

On the question of the Khalistan movement, Singh unequivocally stated, “No. The majority of Sikhs don’t support the Khalistan movement.” He acknowledged a small minority in both India and the US that backs the movement but underscored their limited influence.

Having met Prime Minister Modi and his delegation during every visit to the US since 2014, Singh expressed pride in India’s growth story and urged the government to provide a comprehensive development package for Punjab. He emphasized the need to tackle challenges faced by the state, particularly the issue of illicit drugs among the youth.

Singh urged the Modi government to take proactive measures to retain Punjab’s youth, including providing employment and business opportunities. He emphasized the importance of halting the migration of youth from India and implementing strategies that empower the younger generation.

Antariksh Singh

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