India and Israel Forge Strong High-Tech Partnership with Bilateral Trade Surpassing $10 Billion Mark

by Antariksh Singh

In a significant milestone, Israel’s Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, highlighted the natural partnership between India and Israel in the high-tech sector, emphasizing that bilateral trade has soared past the USD 10 billion mark. Gilon expressed his optimism about the growing ties between the two nations, pointing out the remarkable progress from an initial annual trade of USD 200 million.

Gilon noted the substantial size difference between India and Israel, with the former having a population and size 140 to 150 times larger than the latter. Despite this contrast, he underscored the convergence of both nations towards high technology, envisioning it as the cornerstone of their future economic cooperation. Israel, with its population of less than 10 million, boasts a strong economy with a pronounced focus on the high-tech industry.

The Israeli envoy revealed plans for the establishment of the Centre of Excellence for Vegetables and Spices project, a pivotal initiative under the Indo-Israel collaboration. Spanning 25.57 acres in Gundlapalli, Andhra Pradesh, this project aims to empower local farmers by sharing knowledge and promoting modern farming techniques.

“This is our second Centre of Excellence in Andhra Pradesh, focusing on vegetables. The idea is to support farmers with better seeds and technologies. We currently have 32 active centers across 12 states in India, and we are in the process of establishing another 14 in different fields,” Gilon announced.

Highlighting the significance of these centers in empowering farmers across India, Gilon elaborated on their role as hubs for knowledge exchange, learning new farming techniques, and gaining insights into the effective use of modern farming equipment. The ultimate goal is to enhance agricultural practices, leading to better harvesting and improved livelihoods for farmers.

Gilon underlined the historical depth of the Indo-Israel partnership, citing the enduring relationship since 1992. Expressing satisfaction with the robust and healthy nature of the ties, he conveyed a keen desire to further strengthen and expand collaboration between the two nations. The ongoing commitment to high-tech advancements and agricultural innovation stands as a testament to the enduring and flourishing partnership between India and Israel.

Antariksh Singh

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