Punjab Police Bolsters Defenses: Taking on Drone Threats from Pakistan

by Manjari Singh

Police in Punjab have taken a proactive step to enhance security measures in border villages to counter the growing threat of drones from Pakistan. The move comes as a response to the increasing involvement of both state and non-state Pakistani agencies in using drones for nefarious activities.

A comprehensive initiative called the “Drone Emergency Response System (DERS)” has been implemented across 108 villages situated in close proximity to the International Border (IB). This system aims to bolster the defenses of these villages and mitigate the risks associated with drone incursions.

Recognizing the absence of significant technological advancements from organizations such as the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Border Security Force (BSF), Punjab Police, and intelligence agencies, senior officials have turned to this village fortification strategy as the most viable option.

Under this initiative, the Village Defense Committees (VDC) in the 108 villages have been reinforced by including ex-servicemen, policemen, sarpanches (village heads), and government officials. Whenever a drone is sighted or any suspicious activity occurs, the police will immediately inform the VDC. Subsequently, the VDC will swiftly seal all exit points to prevent any potential threats from escaping. The police control room will be promptly notified, and the Station House Officer (SHO) responsible will conduct thorough inspections during the night. Furthermore, officers from the BSF and respective Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) will be kept informed throughout the process.

This comprehensive approach aims to establish a strong line of defense against drone incursions from across the IB. By actively engaging the local community and leveraging their expertise, the police hope to create a robust system that can effectively identify and neutralize any potential drone threats.

The fortification of these border villages is a critical step in enhancing the security infrastructure and safeguarding the residents of Punjab. It underscores the commitment of the police to address emerging security challenges and protect the region from the misuse of drones by hostile elements. With the implementation of the Drone Emergency Response System, Punjab’s law enforcement agencies are taking proactive measures to stay one step ahead in the battle against drone-based threats.

Manjari Singh

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