Cobweb of Wires Posing a Challenge for Business Owners in Golden Avenue

by News Desk

Golden Avenue, located opposite Jahajgarh market on GT road, is causing discomfort to owners of commercial establishments, particularly hotels, and restaurants. The presence of a tangled mess of wires in front of their properties is a constant eyesore.

Similar to the rest of the city, this area suffers from an abundance of dangling wires. Telecom companies, internet service providers, and cable operators have taken advantage of the existing electricity and street light poles to secure their cables, resulting in a chaotic network of wires.

Satwinder Singh, the owner of a local hotel, voiced his concerns, stating, “Online bookings for hotel rooms heavily rely on the visual appeal portrayed through pictures. Unfortunately, the unsightly web of wires tarnishes the fa├žade of our hotels, making it difficult to present an appealing image to potential guests.” Despite investing significant sums in enhancing the exteriors of their establishments, the entangled wires hanging from electricity poles remain an unsightly blemish.

The current trend sees private telecom, internet, and cable operators utilizing electricity and street light poles as anchor points for their wires. The consequence is an intricate web formed by hundreds of cables attached to a single pole.

In response to this situation, residents are calling for the underground installation of electricity transmission and street light wires to restore the beauty of the streets. They further demand the removal of all unauthorized wires installed by private firms. In cases where these firms have obtained permission from the municipal corporation, residents insist that the wires be organized in a tidy manner to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the area.

Efforts to address this issue will not only alleviate the concerns of business owners but will also enhance the overall visual appeal of Golden Avenue.

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