Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda Admitted to Hospital, Son Clears Rumours

by Manjari Singh

Renowned Punjabi singer Surinder Shinda has been admitted to a private hospital in Ludhiana due to health issues. In an effort to dispel rumors about his father’s condition, his son, Maninder Shinda, provided a health update on Tuesday.

Taking to Facebook Live from his father’s official page, Maninder Shinda assured fans and followers that Surinder Shinda is not on a ventilator. While acknowledging that his father has been receiving treatment for some time, he emphasized that the hospital admission was solely for the purpose of his ongoing medical care. Maninder urged people to disregard any false reports or speculations, assuring everyone that Surinder Shinda is in good hands and is being appropriately treated. He also pledged to share updates about his father’s health through Surinder Shinda’s social media channels.

During the live session, fans of the singer expressed their concern and extended their well wishes for Surinder’s speedy recovery.

Maninder Shinda also took the opportunity to address the media outside the hospital, debunking any circulating rumors and providing further details about his father’s health.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Surinder Shinda has penned numerous iconic songs that have touched the hearts of listeners across generations. Among his most popular tracks are “Jatt Jeona Morh,” “Putt Jattan De,” “Truck Billiya,” “Balbiro Bhabhi,” and “Kaher Singh Di Mout.”

Manjari Singh

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