Fazilka Embraces its Rich Heritage: A Spectacular Festival Comes to a Close

by Manjari Singh

Amidst the vibrant colors of tradition and the echoes of unity, the curtains have fallen on the Fazilka Heritage Festival 2024, leaving behind a legacy of love and celebration. Organized by the Graduates Welfare Association Fazilka (GWAF), the festival transformed the city into a hub of cultural richness and communal harmony.

Under the theme ‘Shehar-E-Mohabbat’ (City of Love), the festival transcended mere festivities, weaving together the intricate threads of Fazilka’s cultural tapestry. Supported by esteemed entities like the Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board, Punjab Milk Producers Federation and Cooperative Society (MILKFED), Verka, and local sponsors, the event was a testament to the collective effort to showcase Fazilka’s cultural heritage to the world.

Navdeep Asija, the General Secretary of GWAF, expressed gratitude as over 40,000 visitors immersed themselves in the festival’s offerings, witnessing the talents of approximately 600 participants over the course of four days. The event was graced by distinguished personalities including Additional Inspector General Avneet Kaur Sidhu, Brigadier Maneesh Kumar Jain, Fazilka Deputy Commissioner Senu Duggal, and Senior Superintendent of Police Pragya Jain.

Among the highlights of the festival was the joint release of ‘The Story of Fazilka Clock Tower,’ symbolizing the city’s timeless charm and historical significance. Adding a touch of valor and patriotism to the festivities was the active participation of the 67th Infantry Brigade of the Indian Army, whose presence resonated deeply with attendees.

Acknowledging the spirit of youth and achievement, the festival honored individuals who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. Rahul Pupneja, a commercial pilot hailing from Fazilka and Dr. Vidur Makkar, a senior resident at the prestigious Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, were conferred with the esteemed ‘Youth Icon’ awards, symbolizing the city’s pride in its talented youth.

As the echoes of music and laughter fade away, the Fazilka Heritage Festival leaves behind a profound legacy – one of cultural richness, communal harmony, and an unwavering spirit of celebration. In the heart of Punjab, Fazilka stands as a beacon of tradition and love, ready to embrace the world with open arms, one festival at a time.

Manjari Singh

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