Women Boxers Punch Their Way to All India University Championship Victory

by Manjari Singh

In a display of unwavering spirit and relentless determination, the women boxers of the state have emerged victorious at the prestigious All India Inter University Women Boxing Championship 2024, lifting the coveted trophy high. This impressive win marks a significant milestone for LPU’s women’s boxing program, showcasing their dedication, talent, and ability to compete at the national level.

The championship saw over 391 women boxers from 67 universities across India vying for glory in 12 weight categories. With 361 thrilling bouts taking place over the course of the competition, the intensity and passion for the sport were palpable.

The boxers rose to the occasion, delivering a dominant performance that secured them the top spot. Their impressive medal haul included two gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal, solidifying their position as the strongest boxing team in the championship.

Leading the charge was Flyweight boxer Tamanna, who not only clinched the gold medal in her weight category (48-50 kgs) but was also adjudged the “Best Boxer” of the tournament. Her stunning victory is a testament to her exceptional skill and unwavering grit. Another boxer named Tamana, competing in the Light Middleweight category (66-70 kgs), added another gold medal to the tally, showcasing the diversity of talent within the team.

Adding to the team’s success were Deepika Sharma and Yashi Sharma, who secured silver medals in the 60-63 kgs and 63-66 kgs categories, respectively. Their resilience and fighting spirit contributed significantly to LPU’s overall triumph.

The victory at the All India University Championship is not just a sporting achievement; it’s a powerful message of empowerment and encouragement for aspiring female athletes across the country. It demonstrates that with dedication, passion, and the right support system, women can excel in traditionally male-dominated domains like boxing.

This win is sure to inspire countless young women to take up boxing and strive for excellence. It is also a testament to the commitment of educational institutions towards promoting a culture of sports and fitness among its students, while providing them with the resources and infrastructure needed to reach their full potential.

Congratulations to the women boxers for their phenomenal achievement! May their victory continue to inspire and motivate, paving the way for a brighter future of women’s boxing in India.

Manjari Singh

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