Pukhraj Singh Brar: The Golfing Sensation Taking the PGA World by Storm

by Manjari Singh

Pukhraj Singh Brar, a rising golf talent from Chandigarh, has achieved an impressive third-place finish in the John Deere Classic Pro-Am tournament held at the esteemed TPC Deere Run course in Silvis, Illinois. This remarkable feat is all the more extraordinary considering Pukhraj’s relatively short journey in the world of golf, having started playing the sport just three years ago.

Teaming up with Ryan Eckhart, Ruben Chapa Serpa, Steve Hall, and Trevor Cone, Pukhraj showcased his exceptional skills at the PGA event held on Monday. The John Deere Classic, eagerly anticipated by golf enthusiasts around the world, is set to commence its first round on July 6.

As the lone Indian representative in the tournament, Pukhraj, who works with John Deere and is based in Pune, received the honor of participating in this prestigious event after being selected by the company’s CEO.

Expressing his joy over his son’s outstanding achievement, Pukhraj’s father, Kulbir Singh Brar, stated, “The other golfers competing in the tournament were astonished by Pukhraj’s golfing prowess, considering he began playing the sport only three years ago during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was truly an enriching experience for him.”

Pukhraj attributes his success to the inspiration he received from his father, an avid golfer himself. Reflecting on his participation in the John Deere Classic, Pukhraj, who is currently in the USA, shared, “As kids, we used to watch the John Deere Classic on TV, and to have the opportunity to compete in such a prestigious tournament was an otherworldly experience for me. Receiving compliments from PGA rookie Trevor Cone while I was on the course was particularly special. When Trevor, accompanied by his caddie and coach, witnessed my tee shot, they were impressed. It meant a great deal to me.”

In addition to his golfing achievements, Pukhraj, a mechanical engineer by profession, created history at the Chandigarh Golf Club (CGC) two years ago when he scored a remarkable hole-in-one on a par 4, setting a new milestone for the esteemed club. Looking ahead, Pukhraj expressed his eagerness to participate in the upcoming Chandigarh Golf Club League, having missed out on it last year due to his travel commitments. Before departing for the John Deere Classic Pro-Am event, Pukhraj diligently practiced in Chandigarh for ten days to fine-tune his skills.

Pukhraj Singh Brar’s journey in golf exemplifies the power of passion, dedication, and talent, proving that with relentless effort, one can achieve remarkable milestones in a short span of time. His success not only brings pride to his hometown but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring golfers across India.

Manjari Singh

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