Phool Raj Singh Appointed Chairman of International Affairs Directorate by National Gatka Association

by Parminder Singh Sodhi

In a groundbreaking development for the world of martial arts, the National Gatka Association of India (NGAI) and the World Gatka Federation (WGF) have taken a giant leap forward in their mission to promote Gatka internationally. The newly established International Affairs Directorate, dedicated to elevating the ancient martial art of Gatka to recognized sport status worldwide, has appointed renowned social activist and former councillor Phool Raj Singh as its Chairman. This move marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Gatka on the global stage.

Gatka, a traditional Indian martial art with a rich history, is known for its dynamic and weapon-based combat techniques. This art form has captivated enthusiasts and practitioners worldwide, and with the establishment of the International Affairs Directorate, its reach is set to grow even further.

WGF President Harjeet Singh Grewal and General Secretary Dr. Deep Singh shared their vision for the directorate. Their primary objective is to establish national Gatka Federations in various countries. These federations will serve as the foundations for Gatka’s growth and recognition worldwide. Through the directorate, they aim to organize national Gatka competitions within respective countries and facilitate the participation of Gatka teams from around the world in prestigious events like the Asian and Commonwealth Gatka Championships, ultimately culminating in the World Gatka Championship.

The appointment of Phool Raj Singh, a recipient of the state award and a well-known social activist, reflects the seriousness of the endeavor. During a ceremony attended by dignitaries including music producer Jarnail Ghumaan, Harjeet Singh Grewal, who is also the President of NGAI, formally presented an appointment letter to Phool Raj Singh.

The directorate’s responsibilities extend beyond organizing competitions. They include providing training and coaching to Gatka players and supporting the existing ‘Akharas’ (traditional Gatka training centers) in various countries. These initiatives are crucial in fostering the growth of Gatka as a globally recognized sport.

Inderjodh Singh, Vice President of NGAI, highlighted the commitment of both WGF and NGAI to promote Gatka as a systematic and recognized sport on the international stage. Rajdeep Singh Bali, Secretary of the Chandigarh Gatka Association, emphasized that the formation of national Gatka Federations in different countries and the strategic establishment of the International Affairs Directorate represent pivotal steps in the journey to establish Gatka as a global sport of significance.

The event witnessed the presence of notable personalities such as Bhagwan Singh Gill, Gurmeet Singh Saini, Balraj Singh Brar, Nihal Singh, Harpal Singh, Manjit Singh, and Jasmeet Singh Jassi. They extended a warm welcome to Phool Raj Singh on his appointment, expressing their confidence that he would lead Gatka to unprecedented heights through his role in the International Affairs Directorate.

The appointment of Phool Raj Singh as Chairman of the International Affairs Directorate represents an exciting chapter in the history of Gatka. With his leadership and the dedicated efforts of the WGF and NGAI, Gatka is poised to reach new heights of recognition and popularity on the global stage. As Gatka continues to captivate martial arts enthusiasts worldwide, the world eagerly anticipates its journey towards becoming a globally recognized sport.

Parminder Singh Sodhi

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