Playing for a Better Tomorrow: Developing Sports Culture in Punjab

by Antariksh Singh

The state government of Punjab is making constant efforts to promote a sports culture in the region. The aim is to encourage the youth of Punjab to participate in sports events and make a significant contribution to creating a healthy and fit society.

The recent cricket match organized by the UT Cricket Association between Punjab and Haryana MLAs at the Sector 16 International Cricket Stadium is a step in that direction. The match was played with enthusiasm and fervour, with both teams putting up a good performance.

The highlight of the match was the unbeaten innings of 150 runs off just 53 balls played by Punjab Sports Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer. He hit 12 sixes and 13 fours, becoming the man of the match. The Punjab Speaker XI won the match by 95 runs, and Meet Hayer handed over the winner’s trophy to Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Kultar Singh Sandhwan.

This unique initiative of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker is commendable, and it sets an excellent example for the people of the state. If elected representatives of the people set such an example, the people would also be naturally inclined towards sports. The ‘Khedan Watan Punjab Deyan’ initiative was started in Punjab with the same motive and got a good response, with more than three lakh sportsmen participating.

The Sports Minister thanked the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker, Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker Gyan Chand Gupta, and UT Cricket Association President Sanjay Tandon for this initiative. The presence of Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Kultar Singh Sandhwan, Deputy Speaker Jai Krishan Singh Rouri, and Information and Public Relations Minister Chetan Singh Jouramajra at the match signifies the government’s commitment to promoting sports in the state.

Sports not only help promote physical health and fitness but also provides a positive outlet for the youth to channel their energy and emotions. It is a well-known fact that Punjab has been battling drug addiction and other negative influences among its youth. In such a scenario, promoting a sports culture can play a significant role in keeping the youth engaged in positive activities, away from drugs and other negative influences. Engaging in sports can boost self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of purpose among young people, helping them to lead fulfilling lives. Sports can also instil values such as discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship, which can translate into other aspects of their lives, including their personal and professional growth. Hence, creating a sports culture is not just about promoting physical health but also about promoting mental and emotional well-being among the youth.

Antariksh Singh

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