Indian Coding Prodigy Captivates Tim Cook; Youth Will Shape Tomorrow’s Tech Landscape

by Manjari Singh

Five-year-old Ranvir Sachdeva is a testament to India’s immense potential in the realm of technology and coding. As a Grade 1 student in New Delhi, he is already an Apple Swift programmer, showcasing his skills to Apple CEO Tim Cook during the launch of Apple’s Delhi store. Cook’s amazement at Ranvir’s talent led to an invitation for him to attend the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in early June. This story of a young Indian coder not only highlights the incredible potential of India’s youth but also emphasizes the importance of coding in education.

Ranvir’s father, Gurjot Sachdeva, beams with pride as he describes his son’s exceptional abilities in mathematics and logic. He also notes that at just five years old, Ranvir is the youngest child in his class, where most students are 6-7 years old. This prodigious talent is a source of pride for not only Ranvir’s family but also the broader Indian community.

Tim Cook has long advocated for the inclusion of coding in school curricula, stressing its importance as a “global language” that can empower students to create world-class products and solve real-life problems. He believes that coding should be introduced at an early age in schools worldwide, including India. Cook’s statement that “if you only learn one language in your life, make it this one” underlines the transformative potential of programming knowledge.

To support young coders like Ranvir, Apple has taken significant steps to distribute powerful applications to schools and institutions throughout India. This effort complements the company’s commitment to empowering developers through its App Accelerator in Bengaluru. Apple’s support for India’s budding programmers is exemplified by Jaskaran Singh and Jay Firke, both winners of Apple’s ‘2022 Swift Student Challenge.’

Cook’s emphasis on coding education resonates with the incredible potential of India’s youth, who stand poised to shape the global technology landscape. The story of Ranvir Sachdeva, a five-year-old coder who has captured the attention of Apple’s CEO, serves as an inspiration for Sikhs, Indians, and aspiring programmers everywhere. With proper education and support, India is well-positioned to become a forerunner of tech genius minds, leading the charge towards a more innovative and interconnected world.

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Manjari Singh

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