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Youth-Led Campaign Against Drug Abuse Marks Success: MRSPTU NSS Camp Wraps Up

by Dr. Jasneet Bedi

In a bid to combat the rising tide of substance abuse among India’s youth, the National Service Scheme (NSS) wing of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University (MRSPTU) recently concluded a dynamic 7-day camp. The initiative, which culminated on Thursday, showcased a multifaceted approach towards raising awareness and fostering social responsibility.

Throughout the duration of the camp, participants engaged in a spectrum of activities meticulously designed to educate and empower. From community clean-up drives to tree plantation efforts, the agenda was diverse and impactful. However, the focal point remained steadfast on educating about the perils of drug abuse.

A key highlight of the camp was the hands-on involvement of participants in various initiatives. From conducting drug awareness campaigns to visiting Prayas School, where they interacted with students, the engagement was both enlightening and enriching. Participants also received valuable first aid training from the Red Cross and honed their driving skills through workshops.

Collaborative efforts were a hallmark of the camp, as evidenced by partnerships with organizations like Max Bathinda for a medical camp and the Bathinda Needy Foundation for a blood donation drive. These joint endeavors not only amplified the reach of the campaign but also fostered a sense of unity in addressing societal challenges.

Leading the charge were Dr. Meenu and Dr. Swati, whose meticulous planning and unwavering dedication were instrumental in the camp’s success. Their leadership created an environment conducive to learning and personal growth, ensuring that each participant left with a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

Dr. Gurinder Pal Singh Brar, University Registrar, commended the efforts of the entire team and the countless volunteers whose commitment propelled the camp to triumph. He emphasized the importance of community-driven initiatives in tackling pressing social issues, underscoring the university’s commitment to nurturing responsible citizens.

As the camp concluded, its impact reverberated beyond its duration. Armed with newfound knowledge and a heightened sense of social responsibility, participants emerged as torchbearers in the fight against drug abuse. With initiatives like these paving the way, there is hope for a brighter, drug-free future for India’s youth.

Dr. Jasneet Bedi

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