Drug Smuggler’s Intricate Ties to Pakistan ISI Network Exposed

by Antariksh Singh

In a shocking revelation, Punjab police have exposed the deep-rooted connections between notorious drug smuggler Amrik Singh and Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). With critical inputs from state intelligence sources, the police have unraveled Amrik Singh’s active involvement with ISI, shedding light on his sinister role in leaking vital information from the Indian Army.

Amrik Singh, who had been serving a sentence for drug-related offenses, managed to escape the clutches of Central Jail authorities in October 2022, only to be recaptured the following month. His story took a startling twist when a foreign SIM card was discovered in his possession prior to his initial arrest. Following his apprehension, a mobile phone belonging to Singh was seized, and despite his claims of a forgotten password, the device underwent forensic scrutiny.

According to SHO Ghaggar, Amanpal Virk, the unlocked phone yielded astonishing results. Concealed within its digital confines was a comprehensive 140-page dossier detailing the operations of an Army camp located in Himachal Pradesh. The report encompassed intricate specifics, including troop movements, personnel strength, vehicle count, and various other sensitive details. Alarming sources reveal that this classified information was being shared with an ISI official known as Sher Khan.

The dossier was accompanied by a trove of voice notes, further outlining convoy movements and intricate specifics about the targeted Army camp. As the intelligence wing pieced together the puzzle, it became evident that Amrik Singh was playing a significant role in disseminating strategic data to the ISI.

Patiala SSP Varun Sharma, corroborating these revelations, confirmed that the ISI had not stopped at mere information acquisition. In a startling twist, the agency had supplied two AK-47 weapons and approximately 250 bullets as part of their sinister agenda. In light of this disconcerting information, the authorities have launched a fresh FIR against Amrik Singh. Furthermore, scrutiny is being directed towards a relative of Singh who is currently employed within the Indian Army.

Amrik Singh’s history takes a perplexing turn, as it is revealed that he managed a daring escape from a hospital visit on October 1, 2022, where he had been taken by jail officials for medical treatment. However, his freedom was short-lived, as he was recaptured in November.

Hailing from Dedhna village in Patiala, Amrik Singh’s criminal activities trace back to 2004, with his involvement in drug trafficking widely known. He is also the brother of Avtar Singh, a proclaimed offender linked to the infamous Jagdish Bhola drug case.

Startling documents obtained by The Tribune highlight a disconcerting oversight by the Police Department and jail authorities. Despite explicit warnings in written correspondence, the jail officials failed to adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs), potentially enabling Amrik Singh’s escape during court hearings or hospital visits.

As the gravity of the situation unfolds, Amrik Singh, who faces a string of 12 FIRs in Punjab, including two cases involving substantial heroin seizures, now finds himself implicated under various sections of the Official Secrets Act, 1923. Top officials from the police, intelligence, and military branches are poised to interrogate Amrik Singh in the coming days, as they strive to uncover the depths of his espionage activities and his links with the ISI.

Antariksh Singh

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