Sikh Wings, Soaring High: Four Punjab Village Boys Realize NDA Dreams

by Manjari Singh

From humble beginnings in the fertile fields of Punjab, four village boys have defied limitations and achieved a childhood dream: joining the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA). Their journey, fueled by grit and nurtured by a unique institute, is a testament to the unwavering spirit of rural India and the power of educational opportunity.

Nestled in the border district of Tarn Taran, the Nishan-e-Sikhi Institute for Science and Training (NSIST) stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring young minds. Inspired by the heroic legacy of 1965 war hero Lieutenant General Harbakhsh Singh, NSIST aims to equip students, particularly those from Sikh families and border regions, with the tools and training to become future guardians of the nation.

This year, a remarkable feat unfolded. Out of the 15 students from NSIST who cleared the NDA written exam, five have etched their names in the academy’s illustrious roster. Their stories, interwoven with the threads of perseverance and sacrifice, paint a vibrant tapestry of triumph.

Sahijpreet Singh, son of a small farmer, dreamt of donning the olive green from a young age. Now, his path to serving the nation unfolds, a testament to the unwavering support of his family and the dedication of NSIST mentors.

Balroop Singh, another farm boy, echoes Sahijpreet’s determination. He credits NSIST’s meticulous training for shaping his dreams into reality, highlighting the institute’s commitment to unlocking student potential regardless of background.

Dharwinder Singh, his eyes gleaming with gratitude, recounts his encounter with NSIST while studying in Sangrur. That chance meeting turned into a life-altering opportunity, propelling him towards the NDA gates.

Jatinjot Singh, grandson of a retired Army subedar, carries the legacy of service in his blood. Now, he walks in his grandfather’s footsteps, fueled by the unwavering love of his teacher parents and the guidance of NSIST.

Sidakpreet Singh, the lone city boy in the group, completes the quintet. His father, a craftsman forging aluminium doors, has instilled in him the resilience needed to navigate the rigorous NDA training.

The success of these five young men resonates far beyond their individual achievements. It speaks to the transformative power of education, the unwavering spirit of rural India, and the invaluable role institutions like NSIST play in bridging dreams and opportunities.

With 24 NDA selections and 90 Merchant Navy recruits to its name, NSIST’s impact is undeniable. As these five village boys embark on their journeys of service and leadership, they leave behind a legacy of hope, inspiring countless others to dream big and reach for the stars, no matter where life plants their roots.

Manjari Singh

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