52 Lives Lost and 50 Injured in Suicide Blast Near Pakistan’s Balochistan Mosque

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In a devastating incident that has sent shockwaves through Pakistan’s Balochistan province, a suicide blast near a mosque claimed the lives of at least 52 individuals and left more than 50 others injured on a somber Friday, where they had gathered to commemorate the birth of Prophet Mohammed.

The heart-wrenching explosion occurred in close proximity to the Madina Mosque, situated in Mastung district, according to reports from Geo News. Among the casualties was Mastung’s DSP Nawaz Gashkori, who was on duty during the religious gathering.

This horrific event unfolded as people assembled to observe Eid Milad un Nabi, a significant occasion marking the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammed. City SHO Mohammad Javed Lehri confirmed that the explosion was a “suicide blast” as the assailant detonated himself near the DSP’s vehicle.

Lehri further revealed that the wounded have been swiftly transported to medical facilities, with hospitals now operating under a state of emergency. District Health Officer (DHO) Abdul Razzaq Shahi stated that at least 52 people lost their lives, with several injured individuals in critical condition.

Notably, no group has claimed responsibility for this devastating attack, leaving the nation grappling with shock and uncertainty.

Balochistan’s interim Information Minister, Jan Achakzai, announced the dispatch of rescue teams to Mastung. He emphasized the need for urgent medical attention for the critically injured, with an emergency directive issued for all hospitals.

“The enemy wants to destroy religious tolerance and peace in Balochistan,” Achakzai declared, expressing the collective anguish. “The explosion is unbearable.”

Caretaker Chief Minister Ali Mardan Domki has directed law enforcement authorities to apprehend those accountable for this reprehensible act.

“The perpetrators of destruction do not deserve any leniency,” he asserted resolutely. “Those who target peaceful processions will be dealt with firmly.”

Chief Minister Domki called upon the populace to unite against terrorism, emphasizing that Islam is a religion of peace and that those committing such heinous acts cannot be regarded as Muslims. In mourning and solidarity, he also declared three days of mourning throughout the province to honor the victims.

Interim Interior Minister Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti vehemently condemned the blast, underlining that “terrorists have no faith or religion.” He affirmed the dedication of all available resources to the ongoing rescue efforts and assured that no concessions would be granted to the perpetrators.

In the wake of this tragic event, police affirmed that their vigilant officers were ensuring security during Friday prayers at mosques across the province. Similarly, Karachi police declared a heightened state of alert, with Additional Inspector General Khadim Husain Rind instructing officers to bolster security measures for Eid-i-Milad un Nabi processions and Friday prayers citywide while closely monitoring any unusual activities.

This marks the second major explosion to strike Mastung in the past 15 days, echoing a grim reminder of the volatile security situation in the region. Earlier this month, at least 11 individuals sustained injuries in a blast in the same district, further underscoring the urgent need for enhanced security measures and a concerted effort to combat terrorism.

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