Sikh Parade Sword Attacker Pleads Guilty to Horrifying Assault

by Antariksh Singh

In a shocking turn of events, Parmvir Singh Gosal, a 44-year-old Sikh man from Tracy city, has recently pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a sword attack that marred the 2018 annual Sikh Parade in Yuba City. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of peace and harmony within our diverse communities.

The Nagar Kirtan parade, a cherished event in the local Sikh community, turned into a nightmare on November 4, 2018, when Gosal and three other suspects launched a brutal attack on an innocent bystander. The victim, who was enjoying the festivities, suffered severe injuries, including 23 stitches to his face and an orbital fracture below his left eye. The attackers used swords and brass knuckles in their horrifying assault, leaving a lasting scar on both the victim and the Yuba City community.

Last week, Gosal pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder and mayhem for his role in the attack. Furthermore, he also admitted guilt to second-degree robbery, assault producing bodily injury, and dissuading a key witness in the sword attack.

The consequences of Gosal’s actions extend beyond this single incident. In a separate incident on June 8, 2019, in Lathrop city, he and a group of others brutally beat a witness, rendering him unconscious. These acts of violence have shaken the region, leaving many concerned about their safety and the harmony of their communities.

Parmvir Singh Gosal is now awaiting his sentencing, scheduled for January 29. According to the Sutter County District Attorney’s Office, he could face up to 17 years and eight months in prison for his crimes. Justice must be served, and the legal system must ensure that the victims and their families find closure.

It is essential to acknowledge that the Sikh Parade, also known as Nagar Kirtan, holds significant cultural and historical importance in Yuba City. Introduced in the 1980s by the well-known Punjabi-American peach farmer Didar Singh Bains, fondly known as the “Peach King,” this annual event has become a symbol of unity, culture, and tradition. Held on the first Sunday of November, the parade attracts nearly 100,000 South Asians each year, not only from Yuba City but also from across the United States, Canada, England, and India.

The 2018 sword attack was a stark contrast to the values celebrated at Nagar Kirtan. This event is a time for joy, community bonding, and sharing the rich Sikh culture with the world. It is a testament to the resilience and strength of the Sikh community that they continue to come together, despite this dark chapter in their history.

As we await Parmvir Singh Gosal’s sentencing, it is a somber reminder of the importance of promoting tolerance, understanding, and unity within our diverse communities. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that such acts of violence have no place in our society, and that the values of peace and harmony are upheld, especially during cultural celebrations that bring us all closer together.

In the spirit of healing and unity, the Sikh Parade will go on, reminding us all that love and togetherness can triumph over hate and violence. Let us stand together and reaffirm our commitment to a society where incidents like the 2018 sword attack are nothing more than a dark chapter in our history, swiftly fading in the light of unity and understanding.

Antariksh Singh

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