Shocking Assault: Indian Student Brutally Assaulted by Khalistan Extremists in Australia

by Antariksh Singh

In a distressing incident that highlights the growing aggression of Khalistan extremists, a 23-year-old Indian student was brutally attacked by assailants wielding iron rods in Australia. The incident occurred in Sydney’s western suburb of Merrylands, where the student was assaulted for daring to oppose the activities of these extremist elements. The assault serves as a chilling reminder of the escalating violence perpetrated by Khalistan extremists, not only in Australia but also in countries like Canada and others.

According to reports from The Australia Today news portal, the student, who preferred to remain anonymous, was on his way to work when he was ambushed by a group of 4-5 individuals chanting “Khalistan Zindabad.” Recounting the horrifying incident, he stated, “Today, morning at 5.30 am when I was going to work, some 4-5 Khalistan supporters attacked me.” The attackers swiftly approached his vehicle, forcefully opening the left side door and striking him with an iron rod below his left eye.

Following the initial blow, the student was dragged out of his vehicle and subjected to further violence with iron rods. Shockingly, two of the assailants even recorded the assault on video. Throughout the ordeal, they repeatedly shouted the slogan “Khalistan Zindabad,” making their extremist motives abundantly clear. The student, reflecting on the traumatic experience, revealed, “Everything happened within 5 minutes, and they left saying this should be a lesson for me for opposing the Khalistan issue. If not, they are ready to give me more lessons like this.”

The New South Wales (NSW) Police were promptly alerted about the incident, and the Indian student was immediately rushed to Westmead Hospital with severe injuries to his head, leg, and arm. Describing the attack, a police spokesperson stated, “Police have been told a 23-year-old man was walking along Rupert Street before he was assaulted by four men armed with a metal pole.” The spokesperson continued, “The 23-year-old was allegedly kicked, punched, and hit with the metal pole repeatedly before the four men left the scene in a grey sedan.”

Reacting to this distressing incident, a Member of Parliament for Merrylands emphasized, “There is no place in our local community for extremism or violence of any kind.” Expressing concern, the MP added, “I have contacted the relevant authorities regarding this incident and will monitor the situation as it unfolds.”

Regrettably, this incident is not an isolated case. In January, Melbourne witnessed two separate brawls between Khalistani separatists and pro-India demonstrators during the so-called ‘Punjab independence referendum.’ These incidents serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for action to curb the anti-India activities of Khalistani separatists, not just in Australia but also in other nations.

India has called upon the Australian government to address the rising tide of anti-India sentiment propagated by Khalistani extremists, which has resulted in frequent attacks on places of worship in the country. Emphasizing the importance of not providing a platform for those advocating violence or legitimizing terrorism, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi stated, “In the name of freedom of expression, space should not be given to those advocating violence or legitimizing terrorism.” These remarks come in response to the recent surge in anti-India activities by Khalistani groups in various countries.

As the threat of Khalistan extremism continues to loom, it becomes imperative for nations around the world to join forces and combat this rising tide of violence. The safety and security of citizens should remain paramount, and measures must be taken to ensure the elimination of extremist ideologies that threaten peace and harmony globally.

Antariksh Singh

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