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Punjab’s Youth Spearhead a Movement Towards Skilling and a Brighter Future

by Manjari Singh

In a significant event that marks a milestone in the educational landscape of Punjab, over 2,000 young individuals were awarded degrees at the Desh Bhagat University (DBU) convocation, symbolizing a burgeoning commitment among the youth to skill themselves for a better future. This convocation not only celebrated academic achievements but also highlighted a collective vision towards empowerment and societal progress.

The ceremony was graced by Dr. Deepak J Tilak, a distinguished guest and the grandson of the revered freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak. His presence added a layer of inspirational heritage and historical significance to the occasion. Dr. Tilak’s address to the graduates was a powerful reminder of the importance of resilience and adaptability in today’s complex world. He emphasized viewing challenges as opportunities, a mindset crucial for the youth as they navigate the uncertainties of the future.

Dr. Tilak urged the graduating students to leverage their knowledge for the nation’s betterment, emphasizing their critical role in tackling contemporary challenges. His message was clear: the youth of Punjab, armed with education and skills, are pivotal to societal progress and development. This perspective resonates deeply in a state known for its rich cultural heritage and indomitable spirit, now channeling its energy towards educational excellence and innovation.

Chancellor Dr. Zora Singh of Desh Bhagat University and DBU President Dr. Sandeep Singh also played significant roles during the convocation, inspiring the graduates with their motivational addresses. Dr. Zora Singh’s congratulatory message to the students was not just about celebrating their current achievements but also about encouraging them to continue striving for excellence. Meanwhile, Dr. Sandeep Singh emphasized the paramount importance of education, underscoring its role as a cornerstone for building a brighter future.

The emphasis on education, skill development, and utilizing knowledge for societal betterment at the DBU convocation is a testament to the changing dynamics in Punjab. The state’s youth are increasingly recognizing the power of education as a tool for personal development and as a means to contribute positively to society. This shift towards prioritizing skill acquisition over traditional paths is indicative of a broader trend of empowerment through knowledge.

The DBU convocation serves as a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration for young individuals across Punjab and beyond. It is a reminder that in the face of challenges, education remains a powerful catalyst for change, equipping the youth with the tools needed to craft a future filled with possibilities and progress. As the graduates of Desh Bhagat University step into the next phase of their lives, they carry with them not just degrees, but a responsibility towards themselves, their communities, and their nation to utilize their skills for the greater good.

The youth of Punjab, through their serious commitment to skilling and education, are indeed laying the foundation for a future that is bright, prosperous, and inclusive. With each passing year, events like the DBU convocation reinforce the belief that the youth are not just the future of the state but also the architects of a new and improved society.

Manjari Singh

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