Punjab’s Rising Stars Shine Bright at Times Lifestyle Week 2024

by Manjari Singh

The fashion cosmos converged at the Grand Hyatt Gurgaon as Lovely Professional University’s (LPU) School of Fashion Design made its mark at the prestigious ‘Times Lifestyle Week 2024’. Amidst the glittering array of top designers, LPU’s budding talents shared the national runway, a testament to their burgeoning creativity and skill.

Over two days of sartorial splendor, LPU designers unleashed a whirlwind of innovation and flair, showcasing their latest collections under the theme of Eclat-Eleve. From avant-garde expressions to timeless elegance, each garment bore the hallmark of meticulous craftsmanship and imaginative vision nurtured at LPU’s School of Fashion Design.

The runway pulsated with a diverse tapestry of concepts, reflecting the students’ boundless ingenuity. Shubham Singh’s digitally printed marvels captured the zeitgeist of social media obsession, while K. Lekshmey ingeniously integrated 3-D printed structures into her designs, pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion.

Lovleen Kaur’s intricate exploration of fungi formation on the human body fascinated audiences with its delicate allure, while Shivani S. Gangadharan’s fusion of physics and fashion birthed breathtaking silhouettes, a testament to the interdisciplinary ethos at LPU.

Dr. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor of LPU and a Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), lauded the students for their remarkable journey from campus to the national spotlight. He underscored the significance of such platforms in nurturing talent and fostering innovation in the fashion industry.

The gala affair attracted luminaries from the fashion realm alongside throngs of enthusiasts eager to glimpse the latest trends. Serving as a crucible of creativity, Times Lifestyle Week provided a springboard for designers to unveil their ingenuity and shape the future of fashion.

Beyond the runway, LPU’s commitment to its students’ success shines through its robust placement initiatives. Collaborating with renowned national and international companies, LPU offers coveted on-campus placements, opening doors to a world of opportunities in fashion capitals like Italy, France, Greece, and Spain.

Leading fashion entities such as Reliance Brand, Uniqlo India, Trident, and Nike actively recruit LPU graduates, recognizing their prowess in design, styling, retail, and manufacturing. With partnerships spanning the industry spectrum, from Shahi Exports to Genesis, LPU paves the path for its students to soar on the global stage.

As LPU’s stars continue to ascend, their journey from campus to couture serves as an inspiring testament to the power of education, creativity, and unwavering dedication. In the ever-evolving tapestry of fashion, LPU’s luminaries are poised to leave an indelible mark, shaping the narrative of style for generations to come.

Manjari Singh

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