Foreign Housing Ownership Ban Extended Amidst International Student Restrictions in Canada

by Antariksh Singh

In a move aimed at curbing the rising demand for housing and managing the influx of international students, Canada has extended its ban on foreign workers and international students from purchasing homes. This decision comes as part of a series of measures introduced by the Canadian government over the past few months to regulate immigration and address housing affordability concerns.

The ban, which initially targeted foreign workers, has now been extended to include international students, reflecting the government’s efforts to alleviate pressure on the housing market. By restricting foreign ownership, policymakers hope to stabilize housing prices and create more opportunities for Canadian residents to enter the housing market.

Additionally, changes to the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility criteria have been introduced, particularly affecting students enrolled in public-private partnership college programs. These programs, which allow public colleges to license their curriculum for delivery through affiliated private colleges, have seen a significant enrollment of international students in recent years.

The modification to PGWP eligibility anticipates a potential decline in international student enrollment in these programs due to the inability to apply for a work permit upon graduation. The PGWP has been a crucial pathway for international students to gain valuable work experience in Canada after completing their studies, and the new restrictions may deter prospective students from choosing Canadian institutions.

Moreover, spouses and common-law partners of international students enrolled in undergraduate and college programs will face changes to their open work permit eligibility. Unless they already possess an open work permit under this specific category, they will no longer be eligible to apply for one. This adjustment further tightens the criteria for international students and their families seeking employment opportunities in Canada.

These changes may impact the attractiveness of Canada as a destination for foreign students and workers, and negatively affect the overall economy.

Antariksh Singh

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