Punjab’s Power Grid Restored: Majority of Areas Reconnected

by Manjari Singh

In the face of colossal financial losses caused by the recent floods, the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) has displayed remarkable dedication by working tirelessly to reinstate power supply. Despite the inundation of numerous villages, the PSPCL teams have successfully maintained uninterrupted power provision, defying the daunting challenges posed by the floodwaters.

Senior officials have acknowledged that the PSPCL, although grappling with the extent of the financial setback, has made significant strides in restoring power to the majority of affected areas. “While the precise magnitude of the financial loss remains unknown until the restoration work concludes, our infrastructure has been severely impacted by the floods,” revealed the officials.

Over the past week, several PSPCL sub-stations and material depots were submerged in knee-deep water. However, the determined staff not only drained water from these premises but also reestablished power supply to the affected regions. “Despite facing adversity, our team members have shown exceptional resilience by returning to the field and diligently serving the state, even those who were previously engaged in protests and sit-ins,” stated a PSPCL Chief Engineer.

The PSPCL officials emphasized that clear directives were issued to prioritize power provision in every pocket to ensure that people had access to electricity for their daily needs. While power has been successfully restored in the majority of villages and districts, PSPCL employees are exerting their utmost efforts to repair the remaining damaged infrastructure in flood-ravaged areas such as Moonak, Jalandhar, Ropar, Samana, Ghanaur, and Shutrana.

“Despite enduring hardships, our teams have worked tirelessly to reinstate power supply in the affected areas, where flooding has left people stranded on the rooftops of their homes,” declared Baldev Singh Sran, Chairman-cum-Managing Director of the PSPCL.

Manjari Singh

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